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Summary: Keeping Good Company - Join two business besties, Karly Nimmo and Lisa Corduff, while they explore what it takes to create, grow and keep good company. In this day and age, when the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs is so low... while people can create a brand for themselves with nothing more than internet access and youtube tutorials, and the amount of noise in the online space is so high... what is it that sets those who make it apart from those that don't? Lisa and Karly intend to find out. Interviews with people who are really rocking at this business game, and personal deep dives into their own journeys through life and business, together. Real. Open. Honest. Raw. No BS.

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 Lisa shares her school holiday coping mechanisms | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:20:36

Lisa shares how she is making school holidays as easy as possible for herself, and why she has moved from being a victim of her circumstances to creating a situation that works for her. 03:52 - Why going off the grid for four days will benefit Lisa, her family and even her Small Steps membership 05:24 - What happened when Karly went on her first retreat and turned her phone off for a week 09:44 - Lisa's tips for transforming the school holidays from an ordeal you have to get through into family time and downtime you can actually enjoy 15:44 - Lisa shares how the story you tell yourself can transform what you are able to do

 How Karly Moved Closer to Zero Fucks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:33:02

Karly shares her breakthroughs, bold decisions, and the ways she is honouring her own bigger picture. From facing her fears of getting it wrong, singing out of tune, selfies on the toilet and stopping email marketing - for the first time in her life, Karly is doing it all on her own terms. 05:02 - Karly shares the big, bold decisions that she would never have made a year ago 08:30 - How Karly's fear of getting it wrong created a self-fulfilling prophecy, and what she is doing differently now 10:57 - The shifts Karly has experienced through singing, expressing herself fully, and showing up imperfectly 18:24 - The decision Karly made that people view as crazy, and why her plans do not require an email list 24:45 - How a Blues improve session taught Karly to play with no attachment to outcomes Links Keeping Good Company Facebook Group

 The Stories that Hold Us Back | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:21:10

Karly and Lisa discuss how the stories we all have about ourselves keep us stuck in the same place, but they are nothing more than illusions. They talk self-awareness, proving your story wrong, and tactics to break well-worn habits. ​06:34 - How Lisa was held back for years by the beliefs that she had peaked too early, wasn't a good worker and needed deadlines to function 11:23 - How Karly proved her own story wrong by making her bed every single day 15:48 - Karly explains how you can use everyday tasks to create new neural pathways 17:52 - Lisa shares the opportunities that open up for us all, once we see our stories for the illusions that they are

 What Lisa did differently to have her biggest membership launch yet? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:01

Lisa shares the story of her first ever membership launch, the two mediocre rounds that followed, and the changes she put in place that lead to her biggest membership launch to date. 01:50 - Lisa shares how her membership site first came about on the back of her first ever program 11:31 - Lisa's realisation that the health transformations she could provide women were scalable 12:58 - The changes Lisa put in place to turn things around after a mediocre launch 14:55 - The missing piece from Lisa's prelaunch emails that it took a copywriter to see 24:59 - Why Lisa was not concerned by 9,000 unsubscribes in her most recent launch 28:10 - The shift that took place for Lisa when she watched her Small Steppers' testimonial videos 31:22 - Why Lisa decided to raise the price of her membership 39:52 - Lisa shares her goals for the membership, and who she needs to be to achieve them 47:45 - Why Lisa is limited only by her own imagination Links The Tribe course The Art of Asking podcast ​The Art of Asking (book)

 Second Round Syndrome is Real | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:37:06

Lisa and Karly have an honest conversation about how their second Mastermind launch fell short of their expectations - and why they are going ahead anyway in order to honour a far bigger vision. 14:01 - Karly shares the expectations she and Lisa had for their second Mastermind launch, and why the reality didn't pan out that way 19:17 - Karly on the importance of saying yes to the bigger vision rather than the specific details 19:51 - Lisa shares the vision she is 100% committed to, and who that means she needs to be 22:47 - What Lewis Howes taught Lisa about setting goals that seem unattainable 28:26 - Lisa on how success stories on social media deny the reality of what it takes to succeed LINKS: Keeping Good Company Facebook Group

 Investing in Yourself | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:31:15

Lisa and Karly talk about investing in yourself - whether that's making time to rest, daily walks on the beach, reading a book, or attending a Mastermind retreat. The skills you learn, the breakthroughs you make, and the ripple effects on those around you mean investing in yourself is always worth it. 01:32 - Lisa on why investing in yourself can mean everything from Mastermind retreats to simply resting 03:39 - Why the skills Karly is gaining from singing lessons are transforming other areas of her life 07:04 - Why Lisa's community is her inspiration to keep learning and growing 10:46 - The essential personal qualities Lisa looks for in her teachers and mentors 25:45 - Why it takes a Mastermind to expand Lisa's focus from the day-to-day to the bigger picture 28:31 - Karly on why taking action is the only way to truly know what is holding you back  Links KGC Facebook Group James Wedmore Jim Fortin

 You Cannot Fatten a Pig on Market Day | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:15:48

Karly and Lisa discuss how you can't fatten a pig on market day, and yet so many people expect to launch a website and be inundated with sales. They talk about the importance of showing up consistently, and of testing your ideas with real people long before you launch anything. 02:51 - Why showing up consistently with no ulterior motive skyrocketed Karly's sales 10:31 - Lisa's take on what online marketers need to do to stand out from the crowd in a highly saturated market 13:14 - Karly explains why you can't talk to millions of people without having first spoken to one Links: KGC Facebook Group  

 Dealing With The Guilt of Loving What You Do | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:17

Lisa and Karly discuss the guilt they both feel when their passion for work impacts family life, and how hard it is to admit to finding your computer more exciting than your everyday life. 01:36 - The advice Lisa was given when her passion for work created a rift in her marriage 15:05 - What Karly learned from her mother about sacrificing yourself for the good of your family, and why she wants to do things differently 19:59 - What Karly would be doing if she didn't have guilt about leaving her family behind 22:18 - The painful underlying belief that is the crux of Karly's guilt 25:17 - Why Lisa travelling to New York gives her daughters a frame of reference for living big lives 30:58 - Karly explains why staying small to protect someone else does everyone a disservice Links: KGC Facebook Group

 When You REALLY Don't Feel Like Showing Up | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:46

On a day when Karly just wasn't feeling it, Lisa and Karly threw out the schedule and recorded a podcast on showing up when it's the last thing you feel like doing. They discuss the importance of allowing yourself your fullest expression, the benefits of creating on the fly, and why it ultimately doesn't matter if you cry on the mic. 00:18 - Karly shares how a singing lesson moved her from playing it safe to playing big 09:33 - What the Foo Fighters have got to do with showing up when you're not feeling it 12:17 - Karly on honouring your own bigger picture, even if that goes against what you feel like doing in a given moment 16:18 - Karly explains why we all need a safe space to fully express our highs and the lows 18:03 - Lisa shares why she was compelled to show up authentically when times were tough 24:24 - Karly on how creating on the fly stops your attachment from thwarting your creativity Links Karlosophies podcast Ep 150 KGC Facebook Group  ​

 Kylie Patchett on Coming Out of the Employee Closet | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:48

Kylie Patchett shares her story of employment after entrepreneurship, guilt over selling a dream that was no longer working for her, and the freedom of shutting down her business and creating the simple life that she wanted. She discusses the unexpected response from fellow entrepreneurs, and the misplaced sense of shame and failure. 02:17 - Kylie explains why admitting her business was no longer working was a huge source of guilt 07:35 - The four questions and answers that returning to work a clear-cut decision for Kylie 08:29 - How Karly realised it doesn't matter where money comes from if it allows you to be the person you want to be 10:44 - Lisa on why her business enabled her to move her family interstate exactly when she let go of her need for that happen 13:40 - Kylie on the dangers of entrepreneurship for high-achievers 26:55 - Why Kylie feared she was unemployable after 12 years out of the workforce, yet her new employers thought they had found a unicorn 35:31 - Kylie discusses the friends she lost in the online space once she left that world behind 44:00 - Why Kylie doesn't need to hold on to past work to prove her creativity 49:03 - Lisa on the power of realising you are still you, not matter what you are doing right now 50:03 - Kylie on why she had limited herself to the bubble of online entrepreneurship Links KGC Facebook Group

 And What Now - Who Do You Need to Be | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:13:44

Lisa and Karly discuss their next steps for achieving their big dreams in 2018, and why it all starts with the person you choose to be. 04:28 - Lisa shares how she achieved her big vision in 2017, and who she chooses to be in 2018 07:59 - Karly explains why what's for you won't go by you 09:26 - Karly on balancing allowing things to happen with taking steps forward 10:11 - Lisa on the importance of not attaching yourself to outcomes or calling yourself a failure Links KGC Facebook Group

 New Year - What Do You Need to Let Go | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:12:50

Lisa and Karly share what they need to let go of in 2018 to make their big dreams a reality. They talk about clearing what is taking up the space that you need and holding you back. 03:07 - The sentence that stopped Lisa in her tracks on a group coaching call, and how she now thinks about future possibilities 06:54 - What Lisa needs to let go of in 2018, and why she is choosing to feel scared 08:49 - Why Karly is giving herself permission to go her own way in 2018 Links KGC Facebook Group

 New Year - Permission to Dream Big | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:07:09

Karly and Lisa talk about big dreams, pushing through resistance, thinking outside the box and not giving in to the desire to play it safe. 01:14 - Karly talks about the importance of allowing yourself to dream as big as possible 02:52 - Lisa on why you should set your compass for just beyond what feels possible 04:25 - Karly shares the question to ask yourself once you have taken away the tethers of kids, what you're working on now, and the people you need to please Links Keeping Good Company Facebook Group

 New Year - Word for the Year | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:13:11

Lisa and Karly talk about the words they have chosen to guide their choices in 2018. 01:18 -Why Lisa wants to feel harmony in her life, relationship, body and business in 2018 06:44 - How Lisa's words guide her decision-making throughout the year 09:07 - Karly chooses a word to encapsulate the grounded, calm, easeful year she wants 10:06 - Lisa's advice for choosing a word, or words, to guide your year ahead Links Danielle LaPorte Keeping Good Company Facebook Group

 Nikki Smith - Setting Up for Rocking 2018 with Mini Experiments | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:53:37

Nikki Smith on the power of mini experiments and how both Karly and Lisa have embraced the concept to create big meaningful change. 08:45 - The argument for mini experiments and when it's time to move from small steps to big leaps 11:45 - Why we can't see our own strengths 15:50 - Karly's mini experiment - 2 years on 18:00 - Nikki shares her own mini experiment 22:00 - Lisa's mini experiment breakthrough 24:00 - How to go from thinking about doing something to taking action: the science of change 29:20 - The real truth about willpower 33:00 - Examples of mini experiments in action 40:50 - Nikki works Lisa through breaking down a big vision into a series of mini experiments Links Dream Life Best Fit Role Podcast KGC Facebook Group


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