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Summary: Keeping Good Company - Join two business besties, Karly Nimmo and Lisa Corduff, while they explore what it takes to create, grow and keep good company. In this day and age, when the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs is so low... while people can create a brand for themselves with nothing more than internet access and youtube tutorials, and the amount of noise in the online space is so high... what is it that sets those who make it apart from those that don't? Lisa and Karly intend to find out. Interviews with people who are really rocking at this business game, and personal deep dives into their own journeys through life and business, together. Real. Open. Honest. Raw. No BS.

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 Best and Worst Investments | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:55

Karly and Lisa explore their best and worst business investments. They start the episode in fits of laughter when Karly can't seem to think of any 'bad' investments... which is hilarious, considering her $100k business failure. Lisa shares mistakes she's made in her business; investing in the wrong people. They chat about the key lessons they've learned through the mistakes they've made... how to decide what is a worthy investment, and what is not... and they discover there really is no bad investment. 1:25 - Karly shares her worst investment... and reflects on how she's finally moved on from her biggest 'failure' 5:00 - No investment can really be considered a 'bad investment' long term. 7:30 - Lisa shares that time she invested in a copywriting service and reflects on how where she was at maybe have sabotaged that experience. 10:00 - Lisa talks about the lessons she took on board from investing in the wrong person for a big job. 14:30 - The tricky balancing of releasing control while maintaining control. Karly explores the relationship she has built with what she considers her best investment, her editor Neil. 18:30 - What are Lisa and Karly's biggest expenses/investments in their businesses. 21:00 - How do you decide what you are going to invest in? 25:00 - Investing in a fast track, over investing $$$$ learning how to do all the things. 27:10 - Lisa explores the questioning that occurs when we go to make an investment in ourselves... and shares creating ways to make the process smoother. And now, make a great investment of your time into the Keeping Good Company facebook group. Be sure to answer the questions on the way in.

 How do you set goals when it feels so blergh | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:42

This weeks episode Karly and Lisa wax lyrical on goal setting. Both Lisa and Karly have felt deep resistance around setting long term business goals. Concerned that having a goal will stifle creativity, Lisa discusses how her 90 day plan has bought more structure to her business. While her 10 year vision feels like a goal setting playground. Karly, takes time to reflect on her year of wins and thoroughly celebrate how far she has come. This inspires her to stop avoiding the future and start planning for it. Join Lisa and Karly as they dive into goal setting and how you can find a ways to set goals that feel aligned with your purpose. 06:43 - The moment Lisa decides "Maybe there's something to this goal planning" 08:09 - Why a vision matters when it comes to goal setting. And getting ok with it taking as long as it takes. 09:43 - Karly's realisation that avoidance of her stuff, could become someone she loves future burden. 20:45 - Don't apologise for what motivates you and what feels good 24:28 - Without goals - What's there to show for your business? 27:18 - Sometimes our goals are set from our pain points and that's okay. 37: 26 - Are you ready to move out of your current comfort zone and stretch yourself? Are you motivated by the SMART goals? What does goal setting even mean to you Join the conversation in the Keeping Good Company Facebook group (psst make sure you answer the questions!!)

 Doing business YOUR way - even if it makes zero sense | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:34:17

In today's episode Karly and Lisa talk about their recent new offerings and how different approaches, can bring amazing results. Karly and Lisa have just both launched new products into the online market and have launched in very different ways. Karly has taken her no fucks given approach, and built her offer as an artwork coming from the inside out. Where Lisa has bought serving her community and her business acumen to highly profitable but low key offering. Listen in as Karly and Lisa debate their different approaches and how you can "go your own way" in business. 08:30 - Who does art serve? The artist or the viewer? 11:15 - Two different approaches to business: the outside in way and the inside out way. 12:22 - Karly share that what she's creating does land with people - because she's being her. 24:01 - Biggest lessons - What Karly and Lisa learned through their launches. 30:13 - Your current offer isn't the rest of your life. As a business owner, you can be nimble AF. Join the facebook group! Make sure you answer all the questions on your way in. Review us on iTunes.

 Recovering from a Major F*ck Up | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:16

What do you do when things are going wrong?  Today Lisa recounts her online business worst nightmare: How one of her biggest ever webinars totally went pear-shaped. Far from being a pity party, Lisa recounts how she has used a huge technical f*ck up to get back in the zone and how making one small decision can completely shift your whole perspective.    06:25 - What happens when all the eggs are broken? 13:00 - Find out how Lisa shifts the mood around her launch f*ck up. 14:48 - "You've got the strength - it's just that you haven't used it - we just gotta get you back to you"  17:14 - The end result is going to be what YOU make of it...what will you choose? 20:33 - How this will end up being something that Lisa is really grateful for Top tip for getting back in the zone...Just choose to be happy  Join us in the Facebook group and tell us about your biggest business (or life) f*uck up. (Don't forget to answer the questions!!) 

 When you have all the good ideas | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:31:53

In today's episode, Lisa and Karly Talk about what happens when you have all the good ideas. How to filter and sift out the ideas that align with you and your purpose. How to be ok with letting go of the things that "seem like a good idea". Often, it's easy to get caught up in the rushing in of a brilliant new idea. The moment when the idea lands, in our brain, many of us want to race out and scream at the EUREKA! This is it - the thing - the idea, program, mastermind, e-course, series that is going to be MY THING! But then the small voice, in your head (or a real voice of someone you share with) sows the seed of doubt. "Is this really the thing?" or is this "just another crazy idea?" Karly and Lisa take you through their processes of ideation and creation and leaning into the resistance of the new "great idea". They speak of how letting go of the attachment to the external outcome facilitates your most aligned ideas rising to the top and becoming the parts of your business that you can feel most connected with. The resistance and fear will show up ALL the TIME! Trust that sometimes you need to take a step towards the idea and see what happens - sometimes we need to push through and resistance when the resistance is showing up. This episode, allows for listeners to feel safe that there is no shortage of ideas, and being discerning about the ideas you choose to give your energy to, will make the difference in how much joy comes from the work that you do. Episode Highlights 08:34 - Karly discusses how her volume of ideas are getting less and less frequent as she becomes less attached to finding "the thing" 1034 - The best ideas are the ones that keep haunting you and keep coming back into your mind 13:42 - You're not entertaining ideas because you're clear on where you're going. Lisa → Karly 15:10 - Can your business be a playground for personal growth? 15:45 - "Just because you can doesn't mean you should" 22:30 - what are you chasing in your business? This is Lisa's "Season of Scale" - chasing the things that feel enjoyable 28:10 - Can you be saying yes to smaller things so that you can think outside the box? Final thoughts for the Episode: What would you do if you were brave? What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Listen in to Karlys Episode about being brave Join the Facebook Group (Answer the questions!) and tell us about your experience with your BIG ideas!

 Almost mid year celebration! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:23:25

Karly and Lisa reflect on and celebrate the past 6 months. Taking time to stop and ponder how 2018 has progressed thus far and how much they have each achieved. Lisa looks at her business wins, where she has honored her decisions to focus on what makes her feel good and how that has had a MASSIVE impact on her business. Karly celebrates the personal and professional wins that have seen her have massive growth throughout the last 6 months. 1:40 - Lisa reflects on the last 6 months Doing the internal - how she's stayed grounded and "unflappable" in the face of upsets How she has had the two biggest launches in the history of her business. And how doing less (and letting go of some tasks) has yielded better results. 9:09 - Karly reflects on her last 6 months Her homecoming on the stage of "One Day in Byron Bay" Launching the mastermind with Lisa and how she can show up and bring forth her gifts for those women For the first time EVER being 100% on top of her taxes and feeling in full control of the financial side of her business.   15:56 - Lisa and Karly reflect further on how far they have come and how their mindset has propelled them in their businesses. 21:47 Lisa and Karly ask you to take some time for yourself and celebrate the last 6 months. Jump over to the Facebook group to talk about your wins and celebrate!!

 What is on the cutting edge of digital publishing might suprise you | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:21:47

On the back of attending the Sydney Digi Publish World Forum Disrupt, Lisa and Karly talk about their insights from the forum. Much to their surprise and delight, they realise that they are in fact on the cutting edge of communications, and have a deeper and more profound understanding of their audience, how to pivot and how to create meaningful lasting connections in the digital age.   6:04 - The "big publishing players" seems to have NO concept of what is going on with audiences. 10:12 - Lisa talks about how lucky she feels to be nimble and being able to create directly for her audience. 12:44 "we are the ones they are frightened of!" they could learn a lot from looking at the "smaller" players 17:57 - Publishers are finding it Impossible to hire staff, specifically content creators because they are romantic about what makes you qualified to create content. 18:50 - Good news! Online entrepreneurs are a head of the game.       19:41 - Create media that you want to consume. Join the facebook group! Make sure you answer all the questions. Review us on iTunes.

 When a lack of clarity holds you back | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:28:49

Karly and Lisa talk about clarity, having it, getting it and what it means to the each of them in their businesses and their lives. Karly discusses a conversation with Elsie Escobar (from She Podcasts) that helps her to see how she is fully living her message. Lisa speaks about how she attains clarity in her business and how those insights move into her whole new way of being. 2:30 - Clarity is Retrospective - looking back is often how you can find insights on how to move forward 8:35 - Clarity comes in action - start doing and you can work out what feels good and what doesn't 16:49 Clarity leaves clues - what is driving you? What are you gaining from being in action or procrastinating? 24:14 - the Gold nugget of advice from the episode - "we don't need all the answers before we take action" ​ Jump over to the Facebook group and tell us where you need clarity. 

 How do I find the right VA? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:12

In today's episode of Keeping Good Company, Karly and Lisa answer the burning question of the KGC community around recruiting a VA for your business. Lisa and Karly cover how forming a team can both liberate and trap you in your business and how to get real with yourself about when is the "right" time to start growing a team. They also cover the hidden costs of outsourcing, why outsourcing is not going to rescue your business if you're simply looking to ignore any business issues and why building a culture that supports your team is vital to making it work.        3:30 - Lisa discusses how making her business look easy has taken time money and effort to build a solid team.   11:05 - Karly talks about her experience with outsourcing and how she found herself working to pay other to work. 24:00 - Lisa and Karly discuss the one key mistake that business owners make when recruiting their team. 25:45 - Practical Tips for finding the right person for the job. Links Upwork - Myers Briggs   Roger Hamilton Talent Dynamics - Chat in the facebook group - CTA Join the group

 A pep talk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:13:14

One of Karly and Lisa's loyal podcast listeners, Bec, expressed she needed a bit of a pep talk in their Keeping Good Company facebook group... and, never ones to disappoint, they jumped online, and hit record. First, by giving each other a much needed reminder of their own brilliance, as a direct reminder of your own. If you feel like you need a bit of a loving kick up the butt, or a nudge to remember the truth of who you really are, give this ep a spin.  Then be sure to join the Keeping Good Company community on facebook.

 Spirituality and money - can they happily coexist? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:13

Karly and Lisa dive into the question of whether making money is at odds with spirituality. They argue that your personal integrity, who you are and what you stand for, are more relevant than the amount of money you make. Personal sacrifice is not a more spiritual path, and in fact you need to take care of yourself first in order to be of true service to others. 02:03 - Karly shares the personal importance of being in integrity, even if that means a longer path to financial wealth 07:09 - Lisa explains why having her basic needs met is fundamental to her creative ability 09:08 - Lisa on why the sales process is about providing transformation to as many people as possible, and wealth is a byproduct of that 15:33 - Karly busts the myth that being of service to everyone but yourself is the path to fulfilment 29:06 - Karly on why your personal values - not the money that you make - determine whether or not you are greedy Links Keeping Good Company Facebook Group Episode 7 - Emma-Kate Rose: Leveling the playing field through food

 Are you showing up as you everywhere? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:28:52

Karly and Lisa discuss the steps they are taking to move past the fear of being seen. They talk about who they have been hiding parts of themselves from, integrating different facets of yourself as you grow and evolve, and getting comfortable with being seen anywhere and by anyone. 06:07 - Why Karly is done curating herself based on assumptions about what old school friends and people from her past will think 08:24 - How Lisa's honesty about her recent achievements prompted a revelation from her dad about why he has always been triggered by her success 15:08 - Lisa's very simple answer on how to market your business authentically to an audience who only sees one side of you 17:11 - Karly on why being spiritual does not require you to have it all together 24:09 - Karly on the importance of sharing the full breadth of who you are Links: Keeping Good Company Facebook Group Show Up Speak Up Facebook Group

 Stop with the excuses and start to be seen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:27:45

Lisa and Karly share their first experiences with audio and video, why practice is the only way to push through fear, and why you should never let your worries about what other people think stop you from sharing your message. 05:10 - Karly shares how the only way through fear is practice, practice and more practice 06:30 - Lisa explains why rough and ready content is more effective than polished perfection 12:00 - Lisa on why humans will always judge you, and the importance of not letting that stop you 14:45 - Why Karly listens to every podcast episode and watches every video she records 17:30 - Lisa's top tips for getting engagement on Facebook lives Links Keeping Good Company Facebook Group Keeping Video Real page

 What is your next level of liberation? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:14:09

Lisa and Karly share the concept of 'your next level of liberation'. They discuss how small changes in your day-to-day and deep inner work can get you there, and the end result is creating a life that feels great. ​00:31 - Why Lisa's life felt out of control two years ago, and how putting her youngest child into daycare gave Lisa her next level of liberation 07:34 - Karly shares how depression disconnected her from her feelings but ultimately lead her on a path of self-discovery 09:36 - Lisa on why you deserve to create a life that feels great

 Unpacking consistency - is it just about commitment? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:26:40

Karly and Lisa share their personal stories of showing up consistently. From Lisa's burning desire to move her family home to Karly's determination to stop her story in its tracks, they talk about what propels them to show up consistently and how they deal with the days when it's hard to do. ​04:10 - The big internal commitment that drove Lisa to show up every day for her business, long before she knew whether it would be a success 13:15 - Lisa explains why motivation comes after you set up a new habit 16:08 - Karly shares how wanting to do everything perfectly first time has held her back 21:28 - Lisa on why you have to tap into your deeper 'why' to show up for the mundane tasks 24:29 - Karly shares the power of flipping a 'should' to a 'could'


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