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__ Connecting the Dots Podcast __ show

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A weekly show focused on a wide variety of topics (which some have called eclectic) surrounding technology, open source, nanotech, as well as disruptive or paradigm shifting events (and a smattering of politics and whatever other miscellaneous observations) Steve Borsch connects in his brain.

By Steve Borsch

 IT 公论  show

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《IT 公论》由 IPN 出品、不鸟万如一和 Rio 主持,首播于二零一三年十一月。本节目系一种综合性之科技节目。收听对象,并不限于社会上某一阶层。凡职业部门不同,知识水准互异,而对于科技有共同兴趣者,从任何角度,收听此秀,不致味同嚼蜡,毫无所得。一切题材,即就雅俗两极之范围内,伸缩去取,尽量适用多方面之需要,以求俗不伤雅,雅不背时。 科技播客,非奇技淫巧之表现也,亦非粉黑二元论争也。盖科技与吾人之关系至密至切,而欲其适合各人之需要,不悖于美之真义,则软件式款,与夫工作生活之配合,用例之转换,必有相当研究方克能之。而欲吾人乐愿研究之,则对于科技之兴趣,必先有以引起之,此《IT 公论》之滥觞也。


NextGenLog show

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NEXT-GENERATION ELECTRONICS & TECHNOLOGY NEWS. Visit the NextGenLog website to subscribe to text-feeds for your Newsreader or to receive text by email. On the list already are editors from ABC News, BussinessWeek, CBS News, Cahners, CMP Media, ComputerWorld, Forbes, Fox News, Fox TV, Hearst, Kiplinger, Los Angeles Times, Maxim, NBC, NBC News, NY Times, Newsweek, Penton, Penwell, Primedia, Psychology Today, Reed Business, San Jose Mercury, Sun Times, Time, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Wired, Ziff-Davis and more.

By R. Colin Johnson

NYT: Science Times show

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A podcast by the Science writers of The New York Times, including Andrew C. Revkin

By The New York Times

Random Good Stuff show

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This is an open Podcast. Everyone who wants to be a Guest Podcaster just read this: Almost anything goes!

Computerworld Live show

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Computerworld Live is a weekly podcast brought to you by Computerworld Australia's editorial team. Hosted by Michael Crawford, Computerworld Live analyses the week's significant news stories and IT trends. Added to the mix are interviews with senior IT decision makers, making Computerworld Live the hub of Australian ICT conversations.

CIO Live Podcast - MP3 show

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CIO Live is a weekly podcast brought to you by CIO Australia's editorial team. Hosted by editor Linda Kennedy and deputy editor Matt Rodgers, CIO Live addresses the issues vital to CIOs and other business executives who drive technology decisions in pursuit of the competitive edge. Featuring a stimulating mix of news and analysis, including interviews with IT visionaries and senior business decision-makers, CIO Live is an invaluable resource for CIOs looking to align IT strategy to corporate goals and provide bottom-line business value.

Geodorable show

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With a passion for GIS, location intelligence, maps, cartography, indeed anything with a whiff of spatial, Chris and Mark decided to seek fame and fortune by starting the world’s best geospatial podcast.* A podcast that may include anything and everything about the geospatial world. From news articles about the GIS industry that take our fancy, interviews with GIS practitioners, random acts of geospatial madness and of course the legendary game Export to Shapefile. So if you like maps and location then you might find listening to a couple of middle-aged guys from the land of the long white cloud (New Zealand) chat irreverently about geospatial stuff just the ticket! *this podcast may not actually be the best in the world.

By Chris Morris & Mark Thompson's Technological Music & Musings Show! show's Technological Music & Musings Show!Join Now to Follow

This podcast is the most fun you will ever have- listening to Joe and Darren banter back and forth you'd never know you were getting schooled! They rant, they rave, they put out great information and a great show for anyone who is interested in technology and the latest industry music BUZZ! The PODCAST QUALITY IS SUPERB and the DIALOG IS FANTASTIC! audio, midi, industry, music, education, technology, news

By Dr. Joseph M. Pisano

Mental-Escher.Net - The Pluri Media Group show

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Techie punk rocker artist science geek "defwheezer" host this show with an eclectic mix of comedy, parody, current events, original and cover tunes, and interviews.

By Carl Brown