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Dr. A.K. Pradeep on Corporate Blogging show

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SearchScience Inc. produces tools that connect People, Information and Insights for the Enterprise

UniversityTech show

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The UniversityTech podcast is focused on technology on campus. Each week we bring you news that is either happening on campuses, or that could impact campuses. We will also do a feature story on a topic that matters to individuals involved with technology on campuses. Lastly, we include a tech tool of week, which is an application or website that might help you on campus.

Enterprise Technology Blog and Podcast show

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Observations from the intersection of people, processes and systems

iEco, el Economico de Clarin show

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Entrevistas a hombres de empresa, pasillos empresariales, consejos de finanzas personales, charlas sobre la globalización, últimos adelantos tecnológicos, economía.Entrevistas a hombres de empresa, pasillos empresariales, consejos de finanzas personales, charlas sobre la globalización, últimos adelantos tecnológicos, economía.````

FourthShift Edition Podcast show

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News and commentary from the world of enterprise software. We reside at the intersection of people, processes and systems. Our goal is to answer some of your questions, prompt you to ask others and encourage you to look at your business in a new way. This podcast is produced by employees of SoftBrands, a global supplier of enterprise application software. SoftBrands is an SAP Gold Channel Partner and the developer of FourthShift Edition for SAP Business One, an ERP system for manufacturers.

AutoMate Advisor show

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The AutoMate Advisor Podcast is a monthly discussion of news, events relating to the leading automation software for Windows, AutoMate.

Autodesk | AutoCAD Software PODcasts show

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Autodesk, AutoCAD, CAD software product and industry news

Creative Photoshop with John Reuter show

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Photoshop artist and educator John Reuter has created this Photoshop podcast geared towards the fine art photographers and teachers who are beginning to embrace Photoshop as part of their personal work and teaching curriculum. Less focused on singular tips or tricks it rather attempts to instill a more comprehensive approach to image making and manipulation that relies on Photoshop as its core. To John, Photoshop is as much a printmaking program as it is a photography program. The emphasis is to encourage the viewers to explore their creative impulses through Photoshop technique and develop a more personal vision. These episodes are generally longer than many Photoshop podcasts but the goal is to provide the equivalent of a classroom experience with a more thorough examination of the topics. To see examples of the images John creates and the workshops he offers in Photoshop at the International Center of Photography, Maine Photographic Workshops, Palm Beach Photographic Centre and Santa Fe Workshops please visit To post comments on the episodes visit http:/

By John Reuter

Mac Users Guide Podcast show

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Mac Users Guide Podcast offers information to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in iPhone, iPod and third-party software, hardware and networking as well as the latest tips, shortcuts and tricks to get the most out of your Apple products.

By Carl Berkeley

CFHour - a ColdFusion podcast show

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The CFHour() podcast is primarily focused on ColdFusion. While we do discuss other technical issues our primary focus is ColdFusion.

By Dave Ferguson, Scott Stroz and Matt Gifford