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Adventures in Dowsing show

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A series of podcasts about dowsing, originally created by Grahame Gardner for the British Society of Dowsers. Interviews, field reports, talks, lessons and more. Dowsing is about much more than just finding water - it is a very useful tool in all walks of life, particularly for enhancing your intuition and decision-making ability. Find lost items, pipes, cables etc., track ley lines and earth energies, improve your health, expand your mind, take control of your life. Can you learn to dowse from a podcast? Let's find out!

By The British Society of Dowsers

Podcast – Functional Meatheads show

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FUNctional MEATHEADS is a weekly training & health podcast that discusses holistic, psychological and more esoteric aspects of training and health. It also dives into the inner monologue of the personal trainer. Hosted by Froy Sanchez and Mark DiSalvo, both CPTs in NYC.


Real Food Real Talk show

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Real Food Real Talk was born out of countless conversations between Ray and Jacqueline revolving around their love of food and all that goes along with it. From gardening and sustainability, to food justice and natural food products, their interests and tastes range the full spectrum of the food world. Based in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, the show focuses on local issues, businesses, and puts you in touch with the food stories of the day. Real Food Real Talk tells this story through creative interviews with foodies, advocates, chefs, brewers, farmers, fermenters, restaurateurs, and just about anyone who is doing something impactful in the food world. We believe that these conversations will help to cultivate a love of food and a greater understanding of where it comes from, laying the groundwork for meaningful changes in our food system. By creating a space for information to be shared, we can further elevate the voices of the incredible group of people working to develop a sustainable, equitable food system.


Life Coach Chat Channel show

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Our station has shows with 2-3 Life Coaches talking about a topic of the day, including Super Soul Sunday recap and a wide variety of personal growth areas

By Life Coach Chat Channel


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Stephanie sits down with comedians, writers, and performers to discuss the line between comedy and tragedy. She aims to cultivate an intimate conversation about each guest’s personal tragedies and how they utilized humor to make it through. Topics will range from death, illnesses, breakups, divorces and other traumas. The underlying theme from episode to episode is the use of humor to handle tragedy and hardships. Is there any such thing as “too soon”? Is comedy really tragedy plus time or can it happen right away? Can comedy expedite healing? The hope is that viewers can relate to the guests on a deep personal level and find comfort and laughter in their shared human experience.

By Westcast Network

15 Minutes to Wellness show

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Adopting healthy habits one step at a time is the key to long-term change. Our podcast series hosted by ACE Senior Fitness Consultant for Behavioral Sciences Dr. Michael Mantell will help you identify small changes you can make that will empower you to achieve real, healthy change. 15 Minutes to Wellness features expert guests in health, psychology, science, fitness and other fields who can offer valuable tips to help you to live your most fit life.

By American Council on Exercise

The Prepper Podcast show

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The Prepper Podcast up-to-date survival podcast based on military, wilderness, and modern day survival. I am a real person with a real family, discussing real issues. I don't exaggerate or suger-coat anything, I just tell you like it is.

By Ken (Survival Guy) Jensen

Q & A with Dr. Manny show

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Dr. Manny answers viewer health questions and seeks second opinions from experts when needed. Email Dr. Manny your questions:

By Fox News Channel

Fit Life Today show

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This daily Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fit Life Today brings you the information and inspiration you need to live a fit life! It is a practical blend of spiritual principles, physical training, and common-sense advice to help you live the full-life that Jesus came to give! Let us coach you on your road to a healthy life a life that is spiritually rooted, physically energized, mentally clear, emotionally solid, and relationally connected! Live a Fit Life! You can do this!


Keeping You Organized show

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Keeping You Organized is the show that brings you the best organizing tips, advice, and behind-the-scenes stories from the top professional organizers in the nation.

By Smead Manufacturing