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Brent Smith Lifestyle show

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Join us as we interview experts from across the world on dating, relationships, self-development, business and so much more. We have more than 40+ podcasts to date. We are experts in providing dating and relationship advice and guidance to thousands of men and women across the world to create they deserve now. We are active in our communities and meet with ten of thousands of people in our community worldwide, so we know what people are doing, why they are doing, where they are we can help you get real results in your dating and relationships. We have a detailed process for inner work to remove anxiety, create happiness inside of you, eliminate past beliefs, and instill confidence and passion in your life. We also have the easiest and fastest way to meet people so you can find the best relationships in every area of your life. We have a top selling book on Amazon, Jump Start Your Social Life, which discusses how you can meet 500+ people every month and specifically how to do it (where to go, what to say and do, and more). And as a byproduct, every area of your life will get significantly better (with no added work). Here’s the deal: You need honest, complete and up-to-date actionable dating and relationship information to develop a plan that produces immediate results. Not ten years from now. We are here to provide you a real voice of guidance and inspiration that’s backed with people, science, facts and results.

By Brent Smith Lifestyle (Dating Coach, Relationship Advice & Self-Help Experts)

Attention Talk Radio show

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Attention Talk Radio is the leading site for self-help Internet radio podcasts focusing on ADHD and ADD, including managing symptoms of attention deficit disorder. Our weekly podcast provides support for adults with ADD, or adults who have children with ADHD. Hosted by Jeff Copper, attention and ADHD coach, Attention Talk Radio is topical with an emphasis on paying attention to what you are and are not paying attention to. The point is to put a spotlight on ATTENTION and the role it plays in determining what is obvious and how it drives outcomes and to shift your paradigm (what you pay attention to), opening your mind to new solutions. The show is designed to help you in life or business if you are stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated. It will help you get unstuck and moving forward by opening your mind to pay attention to what works. Listen to Attention Talk Radio online for help and information for adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

By Attention Talk Radio

Talk to Your Pharmacist show

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We're dispensing stories of success from across the continuum of care. Talk to Your Pharmacist is a podcast for pharmacists, student pharmacists, and others across the country to hear from industry leaders about their leadership stories and current healthcare topics. The Talk to Your Pharmacist podcast was founded and hosted by pharmacist, Dr. Hillary Blackburn.

By Pharmacy Advisory Group

Bao Zhong Tang show

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"Since November 2007, Bao Zhong Tang has established itself as one of Singapore's best TCM practitioners. TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, views the human body as a whole and is guided by the yin-yang, qi and blood, and zang-fu theories. TCM aids in the maintenance and restoration of our bodies' equilibrium, which is essential for good health. TCM Treatments, in addition to herbal medicine, can include a wide range of treatment methods, such as acupuncture, cupping, tuina, and auricular therapy, all of which work in tandem. "

By Bao Zhong Tang

Smart and Simple Matters Podcast: Simplify, Organize, and Be Money Wise show

Smart and Simple Matters Podcast: Simplify, Organize, and Be Money WiseJoin Now to Follow

Joel Zaslofsky from Value of Simple taps into all his simplifying, organizing, personal finance, relationship, and curation strategies in an eclectic mix of interview and solo episodes. Discover how to use unconventional skills and mindsets to find freedom from “stuff,” live intentionally, and maybe even ignite a personal renaissance. Joel’s not an expert, but he’s also “been there, done that” when it comes to the unsexy – but rewarding – side of life. Need help with investing, clutter busting, minimalism, self-improvement, spreadsheets, or being vulnerable? Smart and Simple Matters is your podcast.

By Joel Zaslofsky: Simplifier, Curator, Entrepreneur, Connector, and Spreadsheet Dude

Dr. Berg’s Healthy Keto and Intermittent Fasting Podcast show

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Dr. Eric Berg DC, describes the truth about getting healthy and losing healthy weight. His area of expertise is in the subject of the Ketogenic diet, Intermittent Fasting, weight loss, and overall body health. He is the director of Dr. Berg's Nutritionals and author of a best-selling book on, The New Body Type Guide. He has conducted over 4800 seminars on health-related topics. Dr. Berg’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram channels have close to 6 million followers worldwide and have generated over 1 billion views.

By Dr. Eric Berg

Limitless Soul with Kelli Mason show

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The time is now for us to break free of conditioned habits, think for ourselves, and realize our limitless nature. We will explore talks on meditation, creativity, wellness, spirituality and story telling, you're in for a treat because we are peeling back the layers and diving deep. I'll be having diverse voices from all different creative backgrounds and points of view on to discuss what makes their soul limitless. Plug in and tune out the outside world as we go on this journey together.

By Kelli Mason

Suz's 'From 5k to 10k' Running Podcast show

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A follow-up to my Couch to 5k podcast, I created this custom plan to help you move from running a 5k to 10k in just 9 weeks. You will run intervals to the soundtrack of my favorite 90s hip-hop and R&B jams.

By Suz

Life After PTSD Podcast: Healing From Trauma show

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Each week the Life After PTSD Podcast shares stories of about creating a Life After PTSD. The show is intended to provide encouragement for the listener but is for entertainment purposes and NOT a substitute for treatment or to be used in any legal capacity whatsoever. Please seek help from a qualified mental health provider. Are you in crisis? Call: 8002738255 or TEXT: Talk to 74174

By Life After PTSD Podcast

Mark Brickey's Wake Up Call show

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Season 02 Starts October 01 - 50 More Episodes, 10 More Weeks of Starting Each Day With Old School PMA. Get Caught Up On The First 50 Episodes Now! Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Mark Brickey