Are you showing up as you everywhere?

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Karly and Lisa discuss the steps they are taking to move past the fear of being seen. They talk about who they have been hiding parts of themselves from, integrating different facets of yourself as you grow and evolve, and getting comfortable with being seen anywhere and by anyone. 06:07 - Why Karly is done curating herself based on assumptions about what old school friends and people from her past will think 08:24 - How Lisa's honesty about her recent achievements prompted a revelation from her dad about why he has always been triggered by her success 15:08 - Lisa's very simple answer on how to market your business authentically to an audience who only sees one side of you 17:11 - Karly on why being spiritual does not require you to have it all together 24:09 - Karly on the importance of sharing the full breadth of who you are Links: Keeping Good Company Facebook Group Show Up Speak Up Facebook Group