Doing business YOUR way - even if it makes zero sense

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: In today's episode Karly and Lisa talk about their recent new offerings and how different approaches, can bring amazing results. Karly and Lisa have just both launched new products into the online market and have launched in very different ways. Karly has taken her no fucks given approach, and built her offer as an artwork coming from the inside out. Where Lisa has bought serving her community and her business acumen to highly profitable but low key offering. Listen in as Karly and Lisa debate their different approaches and how you can "go your own way" in business. 08:30 - Who does art serve? The artist or the viewer? 11:15 - Two different approaches to business: the outside in way and the inside out way. 12:22 - Karly share that what she's creating does land with people - because she's being her. 24:01 - Biggest lessons - What Karly and Lisa learned through their launches. 30:13 - Your current offer isn't the rest of your life. As a business owner, you can be nimble AF. Join the facebook group! Make sure you answer all the questions on your way in. Review us on iTunes.