When you have all the good ideas

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: In today's episode, Lisa and Karly Talk about what happens when you have all the good ideas. How to filter and sift out the ideas that align with you and your purpose. How to be ok with letting go of the things that "seem like a good idea". Often, it's easy to get caught up in the rushing in of a brilliant new idea. The moment when the idea lands, in our brain, many of us want to race out and scream at the EUREKA! This is it - the thing - the idea, program, mastermind, e-course, series that is going to be MY THING! But then the small voice, in your head (or a real voice of someone you share with) sows the seed of doubt. "Is this really the thing?" or is this "just another crazy idea?" Karly and Lisa take you through their processes of ideation and creation and leaning into the resistance of the new "great idea". They speak of how letting go of the attachment to the external outcome facilitates your most aligned ideas rising to the top and becoming the parts of your business that you can feel most connected with. The resistance and fear will show up ALL the TIME! Trust that sometimes you need to take a step towards the idea and see what happens - sometimes we need to push through and resistance when the resistance is showing up. This episode, allows for listeners to feel safe that there is no shortage of ideas, and being discerning about the ideas you choose to give your energy to, will make the difference in how much joy comes from the work that you do. Episode Highlights 08:34 - Karly discusses how her volume of ideas are getting less and less frequent as she becomes less attached to finding "the thing" 1034 - The best ideas are the ones that keep haunting you and keep coming back into your mind 13:42 - You're not entertaining ideas because you're clear on where you're going. Lisa → Karly 15:10 - Can your business be a playground for personal growth? 15:45 - "Just because you can doesn't mean you should" 22:30 - what are you chasing in your business? This is Lisa's "Season of Scale" - chasing the things that feel enjoyable 28:10 - Can you be saying yes to smaller things so that you can think outside the box? Final thoughts for the Episode: What would you do if you were brave? What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? Listen in to Karlys Episode about being brave Join the Facebook Group (Answer the questions!) and tell us about your experience with your BIG ideas!