When a lack of clarity holds you back

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Karly and Lisa talk about clarity, having it, getting it and what it means to the each of them in their businesses and their lives. Karly discusses a conversation with Elsie Escobar (from She Podcasts) that helps her to see how she is fully living her message. Lisa speaks about how she attains clarity in her business and how those insights move into her whole new way of being. 2:30 - Clarity is Retrospective - looking back is often how you can find insights on how to move forward 8:35 - Clarity comes in action - start doing and you can work out what feels good and what doesn't 16:49 Clarity leaves clues - what is driving you? What are you gaining from being in action or procrastinating? 24:14 - the Gold nugget of advice from the episode - "we don't need all the answers before we take action" ​ Jump over to the Facebook group and tell us where you need clarity.