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Summary: Keeping Good Company - Join two business besties, Karly Nimmo and Lisa Corduff, while they explore what it takes to create, grow and keep good company. In this day and age, when the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs is so low... while people can create a brand for themselves with nothing more than internet access and youtube tutorials, and the amount of noise in the online space is so high... what is it that sets those who make it apart from those that don't? Lisa and Karly intend to find out. Interviews with people who are really rocking at this business game, and personal deep dives into their own journeys through life and business, together. Real. Open. Honest. Raw. No BS.

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 The Year That Was - Lisa | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:37

Lisa shares her most important insights of 2017 - the year she realised just how much is possible, but also discovered her own limits and boundaries, and how to focus on what really matters. 02:42 - How Lisa found the right balance between sharing and allowing herself to switch off 09:00 - The book that changed everything for Lisa, and why her mantra is now 'less but better' 12:59 - Why Lisa is still learning about creating space and time for her best ideas to come 16:01 - What Lisa has learned about choice, and why it goes hand-in-hand with responsibility 16:54 - Why Lisa finds it so hard to take credit for her own success Links KGC Facebook Group

 The Year That Was - Karly | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:21:26

Karly shares the highs, lows and breakthroughs of 2017. From heart-pain and tears, letting go of her attachment to success, closing Radcasters and selling out a Mastermind with Lisa - Karly has shed what didn't serve her, and stepped into who she is. 05:32 - Anxiety, crippling heart-pain, and the moment Karly was willing to walk away from everything 08:50 - How letting go of her attachment to success shifted everything for Karly 10:46 - The pain of being the person throwing endless parties that nobody comes to 15:00 - Why Karly has broadened out her story to encompass success as well as failure Links: Marcus Pearce Chara Caruthers Bronnie Ware

 Uplevelling - Can It Be Done Without Alienating Your People? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:33:58

Lisa and Karly discuss how success will always trigger others, regardless of how you go about it. Owning your message and being brave enough to take a strong stance will gain you both diehard fans and harsh critics - but trying to please everyone will get you nowhere. 00:32 - Why Lisa is afraid to appear polished and professional 06:25 - Karly's take on why people are triggered by other people's success 13:56 - Karly on why getting clear on your message and standing in your power will trigger criticism 15:26 - Lisa explains why you have to be brave enough to say something that will polarise opinions 22:47 - Karly shares the crucial question to ask yourself when it comes to levelling up 24:22 - Why Lisa has changed the conversation around food, even if it means leaving people behind Links KGC Facebook Group

 Ask Lisa & Karly - What Do You Do When Your Family and Friends Don't Get It? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:53

Lisa and Karly answer a listener's question (thanks Natalie!) on how to push through with your dream, even when friends and family don't support you. They talk about letting go of the need for validation, how your success can raise up the people around you, and why the friends you need will be the ones who stick around regardless. 04:55 - Lisa shares how success lost her friendships, but the friends who valued her stuck around 07:52 - Why Lisa has been 'online dating' to create a crew of likeminded women who get it 10:05 - Karly shares the benefits of having friendships outside of the entrepreneur bubble 16:56 - Karly's realisation that she spent a lifetime trying to please people who will never accept her 23:06 - Lisa on living your best life, the impact on others, and why that is not your responsibility If you'd like to join the Keeping Good Company facebook group, click here. And, Karly and Lisa are opening the doors, very briefly, to their mastermind for 2018. If you are interest in learning more, click here and register your details. Thanks for listening! 

 What is Mastermind Anyway? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:27:51

Lisa and Karly talk friendship, holding space for each other, and how they each brought their unique gifts to the table when creating their joint Mastermind. They share how their own experiences of Masterminds shaped what they wanted to create: A supportive, inspiring community of likeminded women, all with a desire for big growth in 2018. 03:31 - How Lisa learned that following your instincts will always beat following a formula 10:21 - Karly on the magic of 'Karly plus Lisa', and their shared ability to create community 13:01 - Lisa shares why their joint Mastermind is the most rewarding thing she has ever created 14:12 - Karly shares how the Mastermind is built on a foundation of her and Lisa's friendship 15:59 - Lisa on why the strength of a Mastermind comes from the people inside it Mastermind KGC Facebook Group

 Karly Faces the Resistance of Dreaded Paperwork | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:34:46

Karly talks about the difference you can make in your life and business when you face directly into the things you dread the most. 00:31 - How avoiding accounts has always made things much worse for Karly 05:25 - What Lisa learned from engaging with the part of her business she avoids the most 08:32 - Why other people's negative comments are usually about them, and not about you 12:13 - Karly reflects on failure and losing faith in yourself 21:06 - The anchor that dictates everything Karly does in life 29:06 - What basket weaving can teach you about trusting the process KGC Facebook Group

 Samantha Nolan-Smith - Being Truly Visible | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:14:34

Samantha Nolan-Smith on how Patriarchal society keeps women small and quiet, mired in self-doubt, and ultimately invisible. Samantha explains why it is so hard to examine a system that is rigged in your favour, and why self-development is the key for women to not only push through their own visibility blocks, but also to look beyond themselves and help others who have less privilege. 05.45 - Why becoming visible to others starts with first being visible to yourself 10:57 - How Patriarchal society stops women's voices being heard, and ways to counter this 13:15 - Why insecurity and self-doubt are systemic problems, not individuals' problems 16:35 - Why not asking for what you want is a serious health risk 19:14 - The two approaches women take when they come up against blocks, and why neither works 26:44 - The bubble of privilege, and why it is so hard to examine a system that works in your favour 34:13 - Why the Dalai Lama said, 'The world will be saved by the Western woman' 43:30 - The power of witch hunts - how seeing other women being torn down keeps women small 58:17 - Recognising your own triggers and emotions as a strategy for removing visibility blocks 01:04:35 - The healing power of saying sorry to the unheard and unseen parts of yourself If you loved this episode, be sure to check out Samantha Nolan-Smith's podcast, Change the Game.

 Collaboration - Discovering Your Working Styles are the Opposite | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:29:37

Karly and Lisa discuss their opposite approaches to creativity, and why they are both compromising to make their collaboration work. 02:44 - How Karly and Lisa approach creativity from opposite ends of the chaos spectrum 09:08 - Why the 'box' that is freeing for Karly makes Lisa feel hemmed in 13:32 - Why Lisa is challenging her own beliefs about creative work 14:39 - How Karly is starting to honour her own needs in the creative process 18:43 - Lisa on boredom and being a serial creator 22:28 - Karly on why growth comes from facing resistance head-on 24:01 - Lisa's reflections on feeling triggered and deflated by structure KGC Facebook Group

 Emma-Kate Rose: Leveling the Playing Field through Food | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:50:43

Emma-Kate Rose of Food Connect on using business as a force for good. Emma-Kate explains how sustainable food practices, fair pay and social justice can build a movement of food citizens, and why this is more motivating to her than money. 02:30 - Why Emma-Kate and her partner see business as a force for good 06:01 - Why fairness across the whole supply chain is at the heart of the Food Connect manifesto 11:04 - How transparency in business teaches consumers to ask the right questions 13:13 - The radical steps Food Connect took to prove their trustworthiness to farmers 19:28 - The simple pay rule that means the Food Connect CEO will never be overpaid 22:26 - Why you will never change the world by replicating the status quo 32:54 - The reason Emma-Kate and her partner chose to open-source ideas rather than franchise 38:38 - Why Food Connect didn't miss a single delivery in the Brisbane floods KGC Facebook Group

 How Lisa moved out of chaos? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:27:06

Lisa shares how her beliefs kept her stuck in chaos, overwhelm and clutter, the impact on her business and home life, and the moment she realised she could choose a different path. She explains how systems have given her space and freedom to create, and the mindset shifts she had made along the way. 03:46 - The book that inspired Lisa to choose to let go of chaos06:33 - The two beliefs that kept Lisa stuck in chaos09:31 - How Lisa's background in journalism shaped her belief about what work is10:19 - The moment Lisa first understood that clutter, mess and chaos DO affect her12:06 - How a lack of systems was holding back Lisa's business and destroying her family life16:36 - The mindset shifts Lisa had to make to move from blogger to business person to CEO17:49 - Why Karly has made her bed every morning, without fail, for the last two years KGC Facebook Group

 How Karly deals with crippling self doubt? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:51:19

No business owner is immune from the crippling self doubt that rears its head especially when we're doing our most important and heartfelt work. In this week's episode, Karly explores the extreme wall of self doubt she's hit up against during the process of writing her first book. Plus hear how Lisa and Karly moved through the emotional roller coaster of a very successful podcast launch. Keeping Good Company hit No.1 and it wasn't all smooth sailing. Your favourite Biz besties bring you laughs, sincerity and honesty when it comes to the issue of self doubt and reaching your goals in business. KGC Facebook Group

 James Wedmore: Strategy and Spirituality - can they go together in business | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:09

Karly and Lisa are joined by Lisa's mentor, James Wedmore. James Wedmore is an introvert from Laguna Beach, CA who has spent the past 8 years teaching online entrepreneurs how to leverage the power of online video and YouTube with such courses and programs like Video Traffic Academy and 48Hr Film School. Starting in 2016, he made a massive shift to focus on a big gap that he saw missing in the marketplace: The Mindset of Entrepreneurs. He launched a podcast (Mind Your Business) and a new flagship program (Business By Design) to help other content creators, authors and coaches thrive online. James also facilitates a high-level mastermind called The Inner Circle. When James isn't working, he can be found surfing, traveling with his beautiful wife or restoring his old Volkswagen. His motto is simple: Work hard, play harder! During this episode they explore how James integrates his spiritual side, with the business. As James is definitely out of the woo closet, Lisa and Karly are curious to find out how he makes that work. To learn more about James and Business By Design (Lisa has a great affiliate offer) visit this link. Check out KGC Facebook Group

 Meet Your CoHost - Lisa Corduff | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:29:57

Meet your blonde bombshell cohost, Lisa Corduff. From humble beginnings as a food blogger, Lisa started her online empire while her little ones were crawling around her feet. These days, in addition to her super successful Small Steps Living membership and course, Lisa also teaches online business owners about creating authentic marketing. She's all about coming from a place of service and keeping food, and business, real. Small Step Living KGC Facebook Group

 Meet Your CoHost - Karly Nimmo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:29:25

Get to know your red headed host, Karly Nimmo. Host of popular podcast, Karlosophies, Karly's journey into entrepreneurship has been a long one. Hear her backstory... her brushes with success and big time failure. Karly shares her journey from depression and anxiety to figuring out who she really is. From overnight successes to soul-crushing failures and moments where she was ready to give up, it has been a wild journey but doing it in good company provided her with a centre in the storm. 05:37 - Starting a successful voiceover agency, and how advice transformed Karly's business 09:22 - From figuring out her purposeto opening a co-working space to financial failure 13:22 - How Karly realised she had a choice, but needed the universe to meet her halfway 16:20 - A year of resentment, disappointment, heartache and rejection 21:23 - The overnight success of Karlosophies and another downward spiral 23:51 - How Karly was ready to give up, and another conversation with the universe 26:45 - Why your purpose doesn't need to be complicated 28:05 - How being on this wild journey in good company makes life a whole lot better Karly runs a voice over agency: Killer Kopy Podcasting School: Radcasters Karlosophies podcast. KGC Facebook Group

 What is Keeping Good Company? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:18:08

Karly Nimmo and Lisa Corduff explore what it means to create, grow and keep good company, and run through what you will get in the coming episodes of the Keeping Good Company podcast. 04:44 - The importance of keeping it real and sharing the highs and lows 07:28 - Lisa explains why being a blogger and a business owner are different mindsets 08:33 - The one reason Karly has to have systems and procedures in place 09:07 - How systems and procedures give Lisa freedom 10:19 - What sets apart the people who successfully grow their businesses? 12:10 - Lisa explains why the idea of Keeping Good Company is at the heart of the Podcast 13:29 - For Karly, getting vulnerable has lead to the strongest relationships KGC Facebook Group


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