Uplevelling - Can It Be Done Without Alienating Your People?

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Lisa and Karly discuss how success will always trigger others, regardless of how you go about it. Owning your message and being brave enough to take a strong stance will gain you both diehard fans and harsh critics - but trying to please everyone will get you nowhere. 00:32 - Why Lisa is afraid to appear polished and professional 06:25 - Karly's take on why people are triggered by other people's success 13:56 - Karly on why getting clear on your message and standing in your power will trigger criticism 15:26 - Lisa explains why you have to be brave enough to say something that will polarise opinions 22:47 - Karly shares the crucial question to ask yourself when it comes to levelling up 24:22 - Why Lisa has changed the conversation around food, even if it means leaving people behind Links KGC Facebook Group