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Summary: Keeping Good Company - Join two business besties, Karly Nimmo and Lisa Corduff, while they explore what it takes to create, grow and keep good company. In this day and age, when the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs is so low... while people can create a brand for themselves with nothing more than internet access and youtube tutorials, and the amount of noise in the online space is so high... what is it that sets those who make it apart from those that don't? Lisa and Karly intend to find out. Interviews with people who are really rocking at this business game, and personal deep dives into their own journeys through life and business, together. Real. Open. Honest. Raw. No BS.

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 All good things must come to an end... | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:11

Karly and Lisa share a brave, honest and raw conversation about speaking your truth, stepping into the discomfort that comes with clarity, and putting friendship first. This is the final episode of Keeping Good Company for the foreseeable future. It is a powerful example of the goodness to be found in honouring yourself, honouring the differences in the people you love, being brave and Keeping Good Company. 1:45 Karly and Lisa look back to where their joint venture began. Karly reflects on the extreme anxiety she was experiencing, and Lisa recalls the shaky situation her family was in. In their moment of need, they came together, launched a mastermind and podcast, and shared their personal magic with other inspiring business women. 4:55 The conversation turns to clarity and the letting go that necessarily follows having a better understanding of yourself. Lisa highlights the increasing clarity they have both gained around what they each stand for. They share courageously the fears that arise when your vision doesn't align with that of your biz partner, and how they have been shaming themselves for those differences. 7:30 Lisa and Karly look at their differences in a positive light, noting what they have been able to do for other women by each bringing their unique talents to the mastermind. Lisa shares that by coming together with Karly, she was able to trust her own ability to provide practical business help. 10:00 Karly and Lisa put their hearts on their sleeves to share how this conversation and their growth feels: being nervous and yet courageous enough to speak their truth, feeling the friction of misalignment, and wanting to step fully into their own power. Karly highlights the courage and compassion required to have these conversations and continue to show up for one another despite all the 'life' that happens. 15:30 Lisa shares the vision that is lighting her up but would give Karly hives. Karly shares what is lighting her soul on fire but is far from Lisa's ideal business retreat. They chat about how these differences feel and navigate it all with honesty, self-awareness and compassion. 21:25 Lisa and Karly riff on using 'what feels good?' as a compass. 24:45 When a friendship is more important than a business. Karly and Lisa chat about the fears that have arisen out of letting go of the mastermind and how fear can cause us to hold on to things longer than feels good. Includes a great chat about who gets to be Oprah and who gets to be Gayle! 27:10 Karly and Lisa affectionately fumble through their goodbye to the podcast and business. It's over, bitches - not really... but really. They reflect on what it means to keep good company and how they've honoured that here. 30:10 Karly invites you to step into your own power, get clarity for yourself and then be courageous enough to step into that. 32:20 How you can connect with Karly and Lisa individually, and all of their red-hot plans for the future: Karly Nimmo @ Show Up Speak Up Karlosophies Instagram Facebook Lisa Corduff is @ Instagram

 Solo ep: Self Integrity | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:11:36

In this episode of Keeping Good Company Lisa introduces the best concept she has found for building accountability into her business and life - and it's got nothing to do with anyone else... If you find yourself procrastinating and shifting your own deadlines, this episode is for you. 2:00 - What happens when you are an idea's person and how Lisa is experimenting with the way she completes work tasks 2:55 - What self integrity means to Lisa and what she had relied on to date in her business for getting things done 3:50 - The new way - practicing self integrity 4:30 - Are you acting with integrity? 7:35 - Showing up with integrity 10:30 - Integrity for the things that matter

 Bringing back the spark - when business feel a bit groundhog day | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:27:01

Is your business feeling a bit like Groundhog Day? On this episode of Keeping Good Company Lisa and Karly explore one of the realities of entrepreneurship: when the work no longer feels new and exciting. They look at when being a thrill-seeking entrepreneur doesn't align with sound business decision-making, and consider ways to inject more fun into the things that work but might not be as exciting as you'd like them to be. 1:44 Lisa shares where she is at with her Small Steps Membership and choosing a fresh and exciting launch strategy over her proven and successful existing approach. 8:25 Lisa and Karly delve into their own versions of being overly attached to their businesses. They share their wisdom around when this might present a problem for entrepreneurs, including self-esteem issues, pricing difficulties, growing resentment and having boundaries. 14:08 Karly provides a cool analogy for business success when you're a flighty entrepreneur: musicians with a number 1 hit need to be willing to perform that hit night after night - and find ways to make it new and exciting for themselves. 16:30 Karly and Lisa jam on feeling like you've grown beyond where your business is focused, or just that it's feeling stale, and coming back to the 'why'. Lisa shares how the recent changes in her have moved her away from the person she was when she began Small Steps. 19:40 Does it make business sense? Moving on to the next thing and the next thing may be exciting, but it doesn't necessarily make great business sense. Karly shares her a perspective on embracing the past/present instead of shutting it down and moving on, thus creating space for fun. 21:15 Karly inspires with where she is at in her business right now. With revenue consistency in the bag, she has given herself permission to be immerse in play and creativity, with no expectations attached. She explains that the creation mode brings the love in which fuels her to do the other jobs which may not feel as energising. 24:00 Karly and Lisa remind us that there are seasons and we can honour the season we're in, whether that be stability and structure, or birth and creation. Lisa highlights that sometimes you're in the season of uncertainty, but that season too will end. 26:00 Karly and Lisa invite you to find ways to bring the fun back in, or keep the stale things ticking so you have more freedom to find fun elsewhere. Feel free to continue this conversation in the Keeping Good Company facebook group. Please answer the questions on your way in. No answers, no entry.

 Finding your voice and sharing your story with Emily Tamayo Maher | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:46:26

Karly brings us an inspiring chat with her author coach, Emily Tamayo Maher. Emily is the creator of The Meaning Method, a program she uses to help aspiring authors turn their personal life story into the books they were meant to write. This chat is simultaneously grounded in the practical and wonderfully woo-woo. Today, on Keeping Good Company, Karly and Emily delve into the common blocks people face when writing a book and creating more generally, with an overarching theme of tying in the chakra system and the power of imagination. 1:27 Emily shares her passion for coaching aspiring authors to write their book and her path from stressed out teacher to working fulltime in her own business. Karly and Emily reminisce about how the universe brought them together. 3:45 Karly and Emily riff on the power of taking some small action when you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed by self-doubt. 6:25 Karly shares the effect of finishing her book and releasing it in audiobook format and Emily shines a light on the transformative power of telling the story of your life. 10:00 The conversation turns to the creative process. Karly shares the process she has recognised in her own creative life - the summer and winter of her creations. Emily praises Karly's personal ethos to move faster than her inner critic. They reflect on their own experiences of throwing themselves over the wall. 14:40 Karly and Emily partake in a fascinating conversation about the chakra system and the flow of ideas through the chakras. Emily touches on empowering your imagination and the function of the imagination to perceive and command. Emily also shares her belief that you are supposed to make real your dreams. 23:15 Karly reflects on the acceptance she experienced by having awareness around her creative process. Her creation tap is turned fully on and she can detach from the self-doubt. 24:45 Emily shares her inspiring approach to turning her clients doubt centre into a clear vision centre through energy work; empowering imagination to become more creative. She also shares how she has personally used her methods in her own life to leave teaching and create a fulltime business for herself. 28:38 Karly asks Emily what common blocks people face once they've moved past self-doubt. Next follows an enlightening conversation about finding your voice, procrastination, faith and flexibility. 32:24 Karly and Emily dive deeper on finding your voice and message: tips on finding it, does it actually need to be found and is it an everchanging thing. Emily highlights the importance of curiosity and courage. 37:03 Emily affirms Karly's experiences around finding your voice and adds her own experiences to the conversation. 39:15 Do you have a book in you? Karly and Emily invite you to start writing. Emily encourages you to "trust the crown, write it down" 43:27 Emily focuses on the need to make the process fun and shares one of her practical tips for maintaining the joy. 43:59 Karly reflects on what a gift it has been to be coached by Emily and write the book she wanted to write while feeling completely supported. If you'd like to work with Emily or check out her free resources, you can find her at or join her Facebook group, The Writers Block. And as always, you are invited to join in the conversations that happen outside of this podcast, in Lisa and Karly's

 James Wedmore on the Stories that halt your growth | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:14

Today's episode of Keeping Good Company is a cracker! Lisa interviews her mentor and coach, James Wedmore. James is the creator of a seven-figure business which he uses to help entrepreneurs develop the mindset needed for entrepreneurship. He is also the creator and host of the enormously successful and "totally woo-woo" podcast Mind Your Business. Lisa and James chat about the inner world of entrepreneurship. James provides valuable advice on how to take your business to the next level by working from the inside out. Lisa shares the personal transformation she has experienced under James' guidance. 05:20 Lisa and James chat about one of the big beliefs Lisa held about business when she first began James' mastermind, The Inner Circle. James shares the mistake that most struggling entrepreneurs are making and the critical piece of the puzzle that they are ignoring. Includes an enlightening definition of 'resistance'. 9:30 How entrepreneurship is the ultimate playground for personal and spiritual growth. James hits the nail on the head with: "you cannot do what you can't believe." 11:40 Breaking down the belief that you're not good enough. Do you FEEL worthy and deserving of your goal? Are you chasing your worth through working harder and achieving more? James provides some perspective on worthiness. 15:55 Lisa raises the story of selfishness that many of her tribe experience and James provides a wonderful perspective. Selfishness doesn't equal harming others and how being selfish could actually be seen as selflessness. 19:45 Lisa shares the effects of getting shingles and James calling her out on a lack of responsibility for her life. That leads James into chatting about the common thread he has found all of the wisdom seeking he has done: as within, so without. James relates this back to business - your business is a mirror of who you are. 24:55 There are no problems. There are no failures. James talks interpretation, labels and stories and suggests that embracing problems may be the difference between successful and struggling entrepreneurs. 27:35 Lisa and James turn the conversation to failure. Lisa shares her new perspective on failure after a launch didn't meet her expectations. James provides a framework for the real-world process in which there is no room for failure. 33:10 Being the objective scientist and the risk of accidental success. 37:35 Lisa asks James for a framework for getting past and dismantling the stories that hold people back. James provides a light explanation on brain function in relation to beliefs and provides two questions you can come back to when you're struggling to reach a goal in business. 44:35 James reveals his brand new, free 8 part mini-series, The Rise of the Digital CEO. Lisa shares the incredible impact working with James has had on her business and life. Change your business by diving into James' Rise of the Digital CEO training by clicking right here!

 How Karly became a No.1 podcaster and you can too | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:31:50

Karly and Lisa take a deep dive into podcasting. Karly shares her path to becoming the creator of two number one podcasts on iTunes. They bust through the common barriers people create in their minds, provide guidance on what is needed to get started and share their experiences of using podcasting to create deep relationships. Today Karly and Lisa talk building relationships through podcasting and how it isn't as hard to get started as you think. 00:30 Lisa asks Karly: why podcasting? Karly chats about her path to podcasting: recording on her double tape deck as a kid, formal studies in sound and radio, working in commercial radio, creating a successful voice over company, and producing two number one podcasts on iTunes. 11:30 How Karly's success in podcasting helped her find her voice and go all in on the medium. 13:00 What there is to love about the medium of audio, including a low barrier to entry and the freedom to podcast anywhere and anytime. Also includes a chat about the things that hold people back from podcasting and how Keeping Good Company got started. 15:50 Karly talks about what she has seen in her students of the Radcasters Podcasting S'cool and how lack of time and tech stuff don't need to hold you back. Lisa suggests ways to get around what is in your way. 19:30 The key to moving from who you are now to someone who is getting noticed is going live on a podcast. Karly also shares why this is her favourite medium: building deep relationships. 22:15 What you DON'T need to have a podcast. 23:15 Lisa gets into the effect of sitting in procrastination or creating barriers or expecting perfection to begin with. 24:55 Karly shares her insights into podcasting for those wanting to get started and the best gift she's received from from her podcast Karlosophies. 26:00 Lisa and Karly chat about the fear of interviewing and how to come at it by lowering your expectations. 27:30 Karly reflects on how getting to where she is was just one step at a time without knowing what she was moving towards. Lisa and Karly encourage you to start where you are, right now: "there is no better time to suck than right now" 30:45 Karly shares what she's doing with Radcasters, working one on one to with people to get podcasting. And great news... the school is open and ready for you to join at

 How Lisa built her online business with video | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:54

Lisa and Karly discuss their knowledge and experiences around getting on camera. Lisa shares her beginnings in community tv and how video has served her in business. Karly breaks down some common barriers by sharing her early on-screen efforts, depressed and running on the beach. Today Lisa and Karly talk showing up on video: the barriers, the benefits and the best way to get started. 3:10 Lisa provides some background on her path from uni student to successful business owner, including her dreams of working on the ABC's Four Corners. 6:45 When there is no chance to back away, you just do it. Lisa reflects on the invaluable training her time in community tv gave her for running her own online business. 10:15 Lisa considers why her first ever online course, Small Steps to Wholefoods, was so successful and shares the role video played. 12:45 Karly and Lisa chat about social media platforms and how video is so helpful in creating conversation and connection. Karly talks about the benefit she has received from being willing to get on screen even at the risk of awkward situations. 18:25 The barriers are in the mind: judgement, taking up space and Mario Forleo's set. Karly and Lisa also note the power of video to stop the scroll. 24:30 Karly goes back to her early days of showing up - depressed and running on the beach with a handheld video recorder - and helps to breakdown some of the mental barriers to getting on camera. 26:20 Lisa shares the best place to get started with showing up on video. 31:20 A call to action - Karly and Lisa inspire you to have a crack. Join the Keeping Good Company facebook group and be sure to answer the questions on the way in.

 Being Seen and Heard | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:26:54

Lisa and Karly talk all things visibility. This deep dive covers big ground; from being vulnerable, to what people are looking for in their social media feeds, to the language of sharing, to the many ways different in which you can show up and speak up. Today Lisa and Karly explore, with their customary authenticity; being visible, vulnerable and in conversation with your people when doing business. 00:30 - Lisa reflects on an Instagram draft post that gave her sweaty palms. 04:05 - Lisa shares her ongoing evolution: sharing from the depths of vulnerability; sharing without having all the answers; showing up in new ways even if you can't see how the pieces fit yet. 06:30 - Karly explores the difference between sharing 'at people' and sharing from a personal place, and what language feels good when doing so. Karly shares a filter she uses when sharing. 08:30 - Lisa gets a text from her Dad, gets fired up and ready to start new conversations. 09:55 - Karly and Lisa jam on the goodness of sharing from a personal place and what people are looking for when scrolling social media. Lisa shares the filter she uses when sharing. 12:10 - How treating being visible online as an inconvenience is not helpful. Karly and Lisa make the obvious but crucial observation that social media is social (!) and requires you to be in conversation. 15:20 - Honest chat about what's like online in the early days of business; hearing crickets. 20:20 - Karly reflects on getting drawn back into grilling herself on the 'how??' and using her practice of showing up to get out of her head and back into action. 21:05 - Reminder: you don't have to be anywhere in particular to be successful. What you can be doing. To continue this conversation and hang with some RAD likeminded people, head to the Keeping Good Company facebook group... but PLEASE answer the question on the way in.

 Environment matters - creating and getting out of your space | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:27:40

Lisa has recently returned from a mastermind retreat in San Diego and Karly is back from a weekend away with some fellow clarity-seeking women. While they're feeling filled up from their experiences, they reflect on the value of getting away from the daily grind, what that does for them and their businesses, and what 'getting away' actually looks like in their lives. Karly also looks at her own life and the structure she's created for productivity and realises she's created a prison for herself. Today Karly and Lisa chat about the benefits of getting away and the importance of your environment. 1:15 Lisa shares how she broke the 'pool rules' of San Diego 3:30 Lisa chats about how she feels the moment she's en route to the airport and her creativity fires up. 6:20 Karly talks about her practice of taking space for herself daily and regularly carving out weekends away. 8:00 Guilt - Karly and Lisa share when and if they feel it and how knowing your values can help to let it go. 12:10 How getting away doesn't have to be a big trip; the beauty of building these spaces into your daily routine. 16:25 Karly and Lisa jam on the importance of your environment. Karly realises she's created a prison for herself for the sake of productivity but at the cost of creativity and feeling good. 21:20 Karly and Lisa agree on the value of in-person connection and Karly weighs that up against her need for a quiet work space. 23:10 A handy summary of the different ways of getting away and creating space. 26:20 Karly nails another mic-drop takeaway. To continue this conversation and hang with some RAD likeminded people, head to the Keeping Good Company facebook group... but PLEASE answer the question on the way in.

 Consistency - How to Show Up When You Really Can't Be Fucked | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:24:36

Karly has a motherfucker of a head cold and would so much rather be laying in bed streaming Made In Chelsea on HayU. Instead, she's here, busting open an honest conversation with Lisa, and you, about how to maintain that all important level consistency (as discussed last week) when you feel like shit, haven't stopped crying for two days, feel totally gross in your body, are uninspired, crippled by self doubt or totally over hearing yourself. 3:00 - Lisa shares that she's feeling like her social media presence right now is feeling a little vanilla... and the one question she comes back to in order to create content when not inspired. 5:45 - Karly explores her approach to finding something to share when she's not feeling creative or in flow. 7:10 - The seasons that live within the creative process and strategies they use for dealing and honouring that. 10:00 - Karly and Lisa take a total side tangent chatting about who they were in their childhood and discover they were both big sharers and bold personalities. Then give some ideas for those who are not innately gasbagging oversharers. 13:20 - Karly moves from uninspired to sharing some notes she'd been inspired to write during the chat. She talks about honouring your feelings and going to hide under the doona at times, and other times lacing up the metaphorical shoes and start running. 15:30 - Creating non-negotiables and asking yourself what you are committed to. 17:15 - Being connected to your endgame and knowing your intention for social media. To continue this conversation and hang with some RAD likeminded people, head to the Keeping Good Company facebook group... but PLEASE answer the question on the way in.

 Why Consistency and Great Content Still Matter - the evolution of blogging and socials | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:25:17

Lisa recently found herself in the back of a car with two other well known 'wellness bloggers' and it prompted her to look back at her journey from blogger, with a thermomix and some decent recipes, to building the Small Step empire that it is today. Today Karly and Lisa jam on what it takes to make it in this crazy online world. 2:00 - Lisa dives into the very beginning of 'Lisa Corduff' - the brand. And Karly looks back at her days creating Think Beautiful... when facebook was a much easier place to grow a business. 5:00 - Karly asks Lisa what her advice would be for those starting out on facebook today. And they explore other mediums for growing your reach, but that they all require consistency. 8:10 - Why sometimes it's important to offer something and lock yourself in... Karly shares her fear and reluctance around showing up daily for Find Your Freq, and how it's really allowed her to have MORE creativity. 9:45 - Why blogging might be making a comeback. 12:00 - Karly and Lisa's advice for someone who is showing up and not getting traction. 18:20 - How there's not just one way to business success... some which don't even require you to be on social media, at all. The link to Jo's Organic Facebook Content Guide is here. It's $10 and will help you to better understand facebook - what works, and what doesn't. To continue this conversation and hang with some RAD likeminded people, head to the Keeping Good Company facebook group... but PLEASE answer the question on the way in.

 The Path of Least Resistance | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:19:30

Karly has recently returned from Hay House Writers Workshop and has made the big decision to self publish her first book (which she's been writing for around 2 years) as an audio only book. She's back, and recording the book already... because she's decided to follow a path of least resistance. 2:10 - When Karly is very innocently asked 'is your book an audio book' and her brain almost imploded with the simplicity. She shares how we have this insane ability to way overcomplicate things. 4:00 - Karly explores the hurdles that have come up, beyond just self doubt, that could have really derailed her prior to now, but now she's taking a different approach. 7:20 - How to ask for help in a way that will actually get you a response you can use. 8:50 - What is the difference between resistance and flow and how can people recognise the flow then walk that path? 13:40 - How to find a way to take action on something you want to see realised, so that you can open the door to the next creative project, by finishing your last project. 16:00 - Wrap up of the key lessons of this episode. If you'd like to get a copy of the much awaited audio book and be part of the Memoir of Mediocre Life journey, you can get chapters as they are released and access to an exclusive facebook group at for only $16.50. To continue this conversation and hang with some RAD likeminded people, head to the Keeping Good Company facebook group... but PLEASE answer the question on the way in.

 When Life Becomes an Excuse | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:21:48

Lisa has just returned back from Sydney, running one event and speaking at another, in amidst some big stuff happening in her personal life. She had a choice to make; cancel on the trip, or go. It could have easily have been a case of 'there's just too much going on, I'll stay home'. Instead, Lisa packed her bags, pulled some serious ninja moves, shuffled and organised a shitload of stuff, called in for support, and got on that plane. Today Karly and Lisa chat about when your life becomes an excuse for not following your dreams. 1:00 - Lisa shares her decision making process... should she stay, or should she go? 6:15 - Karly talks about her early days of working for herself and the routine and structure she had to put around that, in order to make her business work: includes chat of boob sweat and pj pants. 7:30 - Lisa chats about balancing motherhood and business and shares why the kids are not a hinderance, but a superpower. 12:10 - Why being comfortable isn't always a great driver for change and why external accountability matters. 15:50 - Karly and Lisa jam on how if you allow your external circumstances to determine the action you take you will never make your dreams come true. 17:45 - The concept of self integrity and why it's so important to say YES to you. To continue this conversation and hang with some RAD likeminded people, head to the Keeping Good Company facebook group... but PLEASE answer the question on the way in.

 Reframing the Refund Request | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:19:34

Karly and Lisa explore the wonderful world of... refunds. It's a place where our emotions can get the best of us. It's a place where we can feel a little personally attacked, or fall into chronic self doubt. We can also get a bit reactive and defensive. What if a refund request actually has little to do with you, or with the quality of your product? And how can we turn a refund request into an opportunity? 1:45 - Lisa shares her own experiences with refund requests, her generous refund policy and why she's chosen to be relaxed about the whole process... even though there's always some ickiness. 3:50 - The framing with which Lisa views refunds now and what she does to combat refund requests before they've even purchased something. 7:18 - Karly walks through the process many people go through when they get a refund request. 8:00 - Lisa shares a story of when she first moved into teaching people about business, and received a scathing email requesting a refund... and how she approached the situation and turned it into a positive experience for everyone involved. 13:05 - What to be careful about when it comes to refund requests. 16:10 - Karly offers some advice around when it's time to take the feedback onboard and make changes and when to take that feedback to create something new. To continue this conversation and hang with some RAD likeminded people, head to the Keeping Good Company facebook group... but PLEASE answer the question on the way in.

 The People Pleaser and The Low Bar | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:26

Off the back of a call for Keeping Video Real with Samantha Nolan-Smith (who featured on episode no.9) Lisa asks the question Sam offered the KVR peeps a few poignant questions: •What is our interpretation of how our parents saw us? •How did our friends see us? •What did we take that to mean? •What is the energy of those words?Both questions provide Lisa and Karly with massive insights into who they are and how they've been limiting themselves based on old childhood programs. 2:03 - Lisa explores how her friends and parents might have described her and makes a big discovery about what she has made that mean. 7:30 - Karly explores her history and how it's expresses itself in her business. 9:50 - 'Tell me about your childhood' might not just be from a 90s sitcom, or Dr Phil show. 13:20 - Karly and Lisa explore their differences: Lisa with her people pleasing and need to achieve. And Karly realises how she's been running an unconscious program of setting a low bar. 19:45 - The importance of personal development and the ways Karly and Lisa have been lead to doing 'the work'. 26:00 - The Takeaways from todays conversation. Join the Keeping Good Company facebook group and be sure to answer the questions on the way in.


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