The People Pleaser and The Low Bar

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Off the back of a call for Keeping Video Real with Samantha Nolan-Smith (who featured on episode no.9) Lisa asks the question Sam offered the KVR peeps a few poignant questions: •What is our interpretation of how our parents saw us? •How did our friends see us? •What did we take that to mean? •What is the energy of those words?Both questions provide Lisa and Karly with massive insights into who they are and how they've been limiting themselves based on old childhood programs. 2:03 - Lisa explores how her friends and parents might have described her and makes a big discovery about what she has made that mean. 7:30 - Karly explores her history and how it's expresses itself in her business. 9:50 - 'Tell me about your childhood' might not just be from a 90s sitcom, or Dr Phil show. 13:20 - Karly and Lisa explore their differences: Lisa with her people pleasing and need to achieve. And Karly realises how she's been running an unconscious program of setting a low bar. 19:45 - The importance of personal development and the ways Karly and Lisa have been lead to doing 'the work'. 26:00 - The Takeaways from todays conversation. Join the Keeping Good Company facebook group and be sure to answer the questions on the way in.