Why Consistency and Great Content Still Matter - the evolution of blogging and socials

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Lisa recently found herself in the back of a car with two other well known 'wellness bloggers' and it prompted her to look back at her journey from blogger, with a thermomix and some decent recipes, to building the Small Step empire that it is today. Today Karly and Lisa jam on what it takes to make it in this crazy online world. 2:00 - Lisa dives into the very beginning of 'Lisa Corduff' - the brand. And Karly looks back at her days creating Think Beautiful... when facebook was a much easier place to grow a business. 5:00 - Karly asks Lisa what her advice would be for those starting out on facebook today. And they explore other mediums for growing your reach, but that they all require consistency. 8:10 - Why sometimes it's important to offer something and lock yourself in... Karly shares her fear and reluctance around showing up daily for Find Your Freq, and how it's really allowed her to have MORE creativity. 9:45 - Why blogging might be making a comeback. 12:00 - Karly and Lisa's advice for someone who is showing up and not getting traction. 18:20 - How there's not just one way to business success... some which don't even require you to be on social media, at all. The link to Jo's Organic Facebook Content Guide is here. It's $10 and will help you to better understand facebook - what works, and what doesn't. To continue this conversation and hang with some RAD likeminded people, head to the Keeping Good Company facebook group... but PLEASE answer the question on the way in.