How Karly became a No.1 podcaster and you can too

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Karly and Lisa take a deep dive into podcasting. Karly shares her path to becoming the creator of two number one podcasts on iTunes. They bust through the common barriers people create in their minds, provide guidance on what is needed to get started and share their experiences of using podcasting to create deep relationships. Today Karly and Lisa talk building relationships through podcasting and how it isn't as hard to get started as you think. 00:30 Lisa asks Karly: why podcasting? Karly chats about her path to podcasting: recording on her double tape deck as a kid, formal studies in sound and radio, working in commercial radio, creating a successful voice over company, and producing two number one podcasts on iTunes. 11:30 How Karly's success in podcasting helped her find her voice and go all in on the medium. 13:00 What there is to love about the medium of audio, including a low barrier to entry and the freedom to podcast anywhere and anytime. Also includes a chat about the things that hold people back from podcasting and how Keeping Good Company got started. 15:50 Karly talks about what she has seen in her students of the Radcasters Podcasting S'cool and how lack of time and tech stuff don't need to hold you back. Lisa suggests ways to get around what is in your way. 19:30 The key to moving from who you are now to someone who is getting noticed is going live on a podcast. Karly also shares why this is her favourite medium: building deep relationships. 22:15 What you DON'T need to have a podcast. 23:15 Lisa gets into the effect of sitting in procrastination or creating barriers or expecting perfection to begin with. 24:55 Karly shares her insights into podcasting for those wanting to get started and the best gift she's received from from her podcast Karlosophies. 26:00 Lisa and Karly chat about the fear of interviewing and how to come at it by lowering your expectations. 27:30 Karly reflects on how getting to where she is was just one step at a time without knowing what she was moving towards. Lisa and Karly encourage you to start where you are, right now: "there is no better time to suck than right now" 30:45 Karly shares what she's doing with Radcasters, working one on one to with people to get podcasting. And great news... the school is open and ready for you to join at