Consistency - How to Show Up When You Really Can't Be Fucked

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Karly has a motherfucker of a head cold and would so much rather be laying in bed streaming Made In Chelsea on HayU. Instead, she's here, busting open an honest conversation with Lisa, and you, about how to maintain that all important level consistency (as discussed last week) when you feel like shit, haven't stopped crying for two days, feel totally gross in your body, are uninspired, crippled by self doubt or totally over hearing yourself. 3:00 - Lisa shares that she's feeling like her social media presence right now is feeling a little vanilla... and the one question she comes back to in order to create content when not inspired. 5:45 - Karly explores her approach to finding something to share when she's not feeling creative or in flow. 7:10 - The seasons that live within the creative process and strategies they use for dealing and honouring that. 10:00 - Karly and Lisa take a total side tangent chatting about who they were in their childhood and discover they were both big sharers and bold personalities. Then give some ideas for those who are not innately gasbagging oversharers. 13:20 - Karly moves from uninspired to sharing some notes she'd been inspired to write during the chat. She talks about honouring your feelings and going to hide under the doona at times, and other times lacing up the metaphorical shoes and start running. 15:30 - Creating non-negotiables and asking yourself what you are committed to. 17:15 - Being connected to your endgame and knowing your intention for social media. To continue this conversation and hang with some RAD likeminded people, head to the Keeping Good Company facebook group... but PLEASE answer the question on the way in.