When Life Becomes an Excuse

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Lisa has just returned back from Sydney, running one event and speaking at another, in amidst some big stuff happening in her personal life. She had a choice to make; cancel on the trip, or go. It could have easily have been a case of 'there's just too much going on, I'll stay home'. Instead, Lisa packed her bags, pulled some serious ninja moves, shuffled and organised a shitload of stuff, called in for support, and got on that plane. Today Karly and Lisa chat about when your life becomes an excuse for not following your dreams. 1:00 - Lisa shares her decision making process... should she stay, or should she go? 6:15 - Karly talks about her early days of working for herself and the routine and structure she had to put around that, in order to make her business work: includes chat of boob sweat and pj pants. 7:30 - Lisa chats about balancing motherhood and business and shares why the kids are not a hinderance, but a superpower. 12:10 - Why being comfortable isn't always a great driver for change and why external accountability matters. 15:50 - Karly and Lisa jam on how if you allow your external circumstances to determine the action you take you will never make your dreams come true. 17:45 - The concept of self integrity and why it's so important to say YES to you. To continue this conversation and hang with some RAD likeminded people, head to the Keeping Good Company facebook group... but PLEASE answer the question on the way in.