How Lisa built her online business with video

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Lisa and Karly discuss their knowledge and experiences around getting on camera. Lisa shares her beginnings in community tv and how video has served her in business. Karly breaks down some common barriers by sharing her early on-screen efforts, depressed and running on the beach. Today Lisa and Karly talk showing up on video: the barriers, the benefits and the best way to get started. 3:10 Lisa provides some background on her path from uni student to successful business owner, including her dreams of working on the ABC's Four Corners. 6:45 When there is no chance to back away, you just do it. Lisa reflects on the invaluable training her time in community tv gave her for running her own online business. 10:15 Lisa considers why her first ever online course, Small Steps to Wholefoods, was so successful and shares the role video played. 12:45 Karly and Lisa chat about social media platforms and how video is so helpful in creating conversation and connection. Karly talks about the benefit she has received from being willing to get on screen even at the risk of awkward situations. 18:25 The barriers are in the mind: judgement, taking up space and Mario Forleo's set. Karly and Lisa also note the power of video to stop the scroll. 24:30 Karly goes back to her early days of showing up - depressed and running on the beach with a handheld video recorder - and helps to breakdown some of the mental barriers to getting on camera. 26:20 Lisa shares the best place to get started with showing up on video. 31:20 A call to action - Karly and Lisa inspire you to have a crack. Join the Keeping Good Company facebook group and be sure to answer the questions on the way in.