Environment matters - creating and getting out of your space

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Lisa has recently returned from a mastermind retreat in San Diego and Karly is back from a weekend away with some fellow clarity-seeking women. While they're feeling filled up from their experiences, they reflect on the value of getting away from the daily grind, what that does for them and their businesses, and what 'getting away' actually looks like in their lives. Karly also looks at her own life and the structure she's created for productivity and realises she's created a prison for herself. Today Karly and Lisa chat about the benefits of getting away and the importance of your environment. 1:15 Lisa shares how she broke the 'pool rules' of San Diego 3:30 Lisa chats about how she feels the moment she's en route to the airport and her creativity fires up. 6:20 Karly talks about her practice of taking space for herself daily and regularly carving out weekends away. 8:00 Guilt - Karly and Lisa share when and if they feel it and how knowing your values can help to let it go. 12:10 How getting away doesn't have to be a big trip; the beauty of building these spaces into your daily routine. 16:25 Karly and Lisa jam on the importance of your environment. Karly realises she's created a prison for herself for the sake of productivity but at the cost of creativity and feeling good. 21:20 Karly and Lisa agree on the value of in-person connection and Karly weighs that up against her need for a quiet work space. 23:10 A handy summary of the different ways of getting away and creating space. 26:20 Karly nails another mic-drop takeaway. To continue this conversation and hang with some RAD likeminded people, head to the Keeping Good Company facebook group... but PLEASE answer the question on the way in.