Bringing back the spark - when business feel a bit groundhog day

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Is your business feeling a bit like Groundhog Day? On this episode of Keeping Good Company Lisa and Karly explore one of the realities of entrepreneurship: when the work no longer feels new and exciting. They look at when being a thrill-seeking entrepreneur doesn't align with sound business decision-making, and consider ways to inject more fun into the things that work but might not be as exciting as you'd like them to be. 1:44 Lisa shares where she is at with her Small Steps Membership and choosing a fresh and exciting launch strategy over her proven and successful existing approach. 8:25 Lisa and Karly delve into their own versions of being overly attached to their businesses. They share their wisdom around when this might present a problem for entrepreneurs, including self-esteem issues, pricing difficulties, growing resentment and having boundaries. 14:08 Karly provides a cool analogy for business success when you're a flighty entrepreneur: musicians with a number 1 hit need to be willing to perform that hit night after night - and find ways to make it new and exciting for themselves. 16:30 Karly and Lisa jam on feeling like you've grown beyond where your business is focused, or just that it's feeling stale, and coming back to the 'why'. Lisa shares how the recent changes in her have moved her away from the person she was when she began Small Steps. 19:40 Does it make business sense? Moving on to the next thing and the next thing may be exciting, but it doesn't necessarily make great business sense. Karly shares her a perspective on embracing the past/present instead of shutting it down and moving on, thus creating space for fun. 21:15 Karly inspires with where she is at in her business right now. With revenue consistency in the bag, she has given herself permission to be immerse in play and creativity, with no expectations attached. She explains that the creation mode brings the love in which fuels her to do the other jobs which may not feel as energising. 24:00 Karly and Lisa remind us that there are seasons and we can honour the season we're in, whether that be stability and structure, or birth and creation. Lisa highlights that sometimes you're in the season of uncertainty, but that season too will end. 26:00 Karly and Lisa invite you to find ways to bring the fun back in, or keep the stale things ticking so you have more freedom to find fun elsewhere. Feel free to continue this conversation in the Keeping Good Company facebook group. Please answer the questions on your way in. No answers, no entry.