How Lisa moved out of chaos?

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Lisa shares how her beliefs kept her stuck in chaos, overwhelm and clutter, the impact on her business and home life, and the moment she realised she could choose a different path. She explains how systems have given her space and freedom to create, and the mindset shifts she had made along the way. 03:46 - The book that inspired Lisa to choose to let go of chaos06:33 - The two beliefs that kept Lisa stuck in chaos09:31 - How Lisa's background in journalism shaped her belief about what work is10:19 - The moment Lisa first understood that clutter, mess and chaos DO affect her12:06 - How a lack of systems was holding back Lisa's business and destroying her family life16:36 - The mindset shifts Lisa had to make to move from blogger to business person to CEO17:49 - Why Karly has made her bed every morning, without fail, for the last two years KGC Facebook Group