How do I find the right VA?

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: In today's episode of Keeping Good Company, Karly and Lisa answer the burning question of the KGC community around recruiting a VA for your business. Lisa and Karly cover how forming a team can both liberate and trap you in your business and how to get real with yourself about when is the "right" time to start growing a team. They also cover the hidden costs of outsourcing, why outsourcing is not going to rescue your business if you're simply looking to ignore any business issues and why building a culture that supports your team is vital to making it work.        3:30 - Lisa discusses how making her business look easy has taken time money and effort to build a solid team.   11:05 - Karly talks about her experience with outsourcing and how she found herself working to pay other to work. 24:00 - Lisa and Karly discuss the one key mistake that business owners make when recruiting their team. 25:45 - Practical Tips for finding the right person for the job. Links Upwork - Myers Briggs   Roger Hamilton Talent Dynamics - Chat in the facebook group - CTA Join the group