Spirituality and money - can they happily coexist?

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Karly and Lisa dive into the question of whether making money is at odds with spirituality. They argue that your personal integrity, who you are and what you stand for, are more relevant than the amount of money you make. Personal sacrifice is not a more spiritual path, and in fact you need to take care of yourself first in order to be of true service to others. 02:03 - Karly shares the personal importance of being in integrity, even if that means a longer path to financial wealth 07:09 - Lisa explains why having her basic needs met is fundamental to her creative ability 09:08 - Lisa on why the sales process is about providing transformation to as many people as possible, and wealth is a byproduct of that 15:33 - Karly busts the myth that being of service to everyone but yourself is the path to fulfilment 29:06 - Karly on why your personal values - not the money that you make - determine whether or not you are greedy Links Keeping Good Company Facebook Group Episode 7 - Emma-Kate Rose: Leveling the playing field through food