Unpacking consistency - is it just about commitment?

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Karly and Lisa share their personal stories of showing up consistently. From Lisa's burning desire to move her family home to Karly's determination to stop her story in its tracks, they talk about what propels them to show up consistently and how they deal with the days when it's hard to do. ​04:10 - The big internal commitment that drove Lisa to show up every day for her business, long before she knew whether it would be a success 13:15 - Lisa explains why motivation comes after you set up a new habit 16:08 - Karly shares how wanting to do everything perfectly first time has held her back 21:28 - Lisa on why you have to tap into your deeper 'why' to show up for the mundane tasks 24:29 - Karly shares the power of flipping a 'should' to a 'could'