Nikki Smith - Setting Up for Rocking 2018 with Mini Experiments

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Nikki Smith on the power of mini experiments and how both Karly and Lisa have embraced the concept to create big meaningful change. 08:45 - The argument for mini experiments and when it's time to move from small steps to big leaps 11:45 - Why we can't see our own strengths 15:50 - Karly's mini experiment - 2 years on 18:00 - Nikki shares her own mini experiment 22:00 - Lisa's mini experiment breakthrough 24:00 - How to go from thinking about doing something to taking action: the science of change 29:20 - The real truth about willpower 33:00 - Examples of mini experiments in action 40:50 - Nikki works Lisa through breaking down a big vision into a series of mini experiments Links Dream Life Best Fit Role Podcast KGC Facebook Group