How Karly Moved Closer to Zero Fucks

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Karly shares her breakthroughs, bold decisions, and the ways she is honouring her own bigger picture. From facing her fears of getting it wrong, singing out of tune, selfies on the toilet and stopping email marketing - for the first time in her life, Karly is doing it all on her own terms. 05:02 - Karly shares the big, bold decisions that she would never have made a year ago 08:30 - How Karly's fear of getting it wrong created a self-fulfilling prophecy, and what she is doing differently now 10:57 - The shifts Karly has experienced through singing, expressing herself fully, and showing up imperfectly 18:24 - The decision Karly made that people view as crazy, and why her plans do not require an email list 24:45 - How a Blues improve session taught Karly to play with no attachment to outcomes Links Keeping Good Company Facebook Group