What Lisa did differently to have her biggest membership launch yet?

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Lisa shares the story of her first ever membership launch, the two mediocre rounds that followed, and the changes she put in place that lead to her biggest membership launch to date. 01:50 - Lisa shares how her membership site first came about on the back of her first ever program 11:31 - Lisa's realisation that the health transformations she could provide women were scalable 12:58 - The changes Lisa put in place to turn things around after a mediocre launch 14:55 - The missing piece from Lisa's prelaunch emails that it took a copywriter to see 24:59 - Why Lisa was not concerned by 9,000 unsubscribes in her most recent launch 28:10 - The shift that took place for Lisa when she watched her Small Steppers' testimonial videos 31:22 - Why Lisa decided to raise the price of her membership 39:52 - Lisa shares her goals for the membership, and who she needs to be to achieve them 47:45 - Why Lisa is limited only by her own imagination Links The Tribe course  https://mo311.isrefer.com/go/video4/a101 The Art of Asking podcast https://emergingwomen.com/podcast/amanda-palmer-the-art-and-power-of-asking/ ​The Art of Asking (book) https://www.amazon.com/Art-Asking-Learned-Worrying-People/dp/1455581097