When You REALLY Don't Feel Like Showing Up

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: On a day when Karly just wasn't feeling it, Lisa and Karly threw out the schedule and recorded a podcast on showing up when it's the last thing you feel like doing. They discuss the importance of allowing yourself your fullest expression, the benefits of creating on the fly, and why it ultimately doesn't matter if you cry on the mic. 00:18 - Karly shares how a singing lesson moved her from playing it safe to playing big 09:33 - What the Foo Fighters have got to do with showing up when you're not feeling it 12:17 - Karly on honouring your own bigger picture, even if that goes against what you feel like doing in a given moment 16:18 - Karly explains why we all need a safe space to fully express our highs and the lows 18:03 - Lisa shares why she was compelled to show up authentically when times were tough 24:24 - Karly on how creating on the fly stops your attachment from thwarting your creativity Links Karlosophies podcast Ep 150 KGC Facebook Group  ​