Dealing With The Guilt of Loving What You Do

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Lisa and Karly discuss the guilt they both feel when their passion for work impacts family life, and how hard it is to admit to finding your computer more exciting than your everyday life. 01:36 - The advice Lisa was given when her passion for work created a rift in her marriage 15:05 - What Karly learned from her mother about sacrificing yourself for the good of your family, and why she wants to do things differently 19:59 - What Karly would be doing if she didn't have guilt about leaving her family behind 22:18 - The painful underlying belief that is the crux of Karly's guilt 25:17 - Why Lisa travelling to New York gives her daughters a frame of reference for living big lives 30:58 - Karly explains why staying small to protect someone else does everyone a disservice Links: KGC Facebook Group