Investing in Yourself

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Lisa and Karly talk about investing in yourself - whether that's making time to rest, daily walks on the beach, reading a book, or attending a Mastermind retreat. The skills you learn, the breakthroughs you make, and the ripple effects on those around you mean investing in yourself is always worth it. 01:32 - Lisa on why investing in yourself can mean everything from Mastermind retreats to simply resting 03:39 - Why the skills Karly is gaining from singing lessons are transforming other areas of her life 07:04 - Why Lisa's community is her inspiration to keep learning and growing 10:46 - The essential personal qualities Lisa looks for in her teachers and mentors 25:45 - Why it takes a Mastermind to expand Lisa's focus from the day-to-day to the bigger picture 28:31 - Karly on why taking action is the only way to truly know what is holding you back  Links KGC Facebook Group James Wedmore Jim Fortin