Kylie Patchett on Coming Out of the Employee Closet

Keeping Good Company show

Summary: Kylie Patchett shares her story of employment after entrepreneurship, guilt over selling a dream that was no longer working for her, and the freedom of shutting down her business and creating the simple life that she wanted. She discusses the unexpected response from fellow entrepreneurs, and the misplaced sense of shame and failure. 02:17 - Kylie explains why admitting her business was no longer working was a huge source of guilt 07:35 - The four questions and answers that returning to work a clear-cut decision for Kylie 08:29 - How Karly realised it doesn't matter where money comes from if it allows you to be the person you want to be 10:44 - Lisa on why her business enabled her to move her family interstate exactly when she let go of her need for that happen 13:40 - Kylie on the dangers of entrepreneurship for high-achievers 26:55 - Why Kylie feared she was unemployable after 12 years out of the workforce, yet her new employers thought they had found a unicorn 35:31 - Kylie discusses the friends she lost in the online space once she left that world behind 44:00 - Why Kylie doesn't need to hold on to past work to prove her creativity 49:03 - Lisa on the power of realising you are still you, not matter what you are doing right now 50:03 - Kylie on why she had limited herself to the bubble of online entrepreneurship Links KGC Facebook Group