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#sundaysforfuture show

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Predigten über Gott, die Welt - und unsere gemeinsame Zukunft. | Eine PredigtSerie von Pastor Jonas Goebel | Staffel 1 ist jetzt verfügbar!

By Jonas Goebel

HedgeFolk Tales show

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Journey into the realms of the myths, legends, and folktales of our Pagan ancestors to discover hidden lore and practices.

By The Witch of Forest Grove

Your Daily Astrology and Horoscope Forecast with Kelli Fox show

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astrology.TV’s Kelli Fox, brings you today’s astrology forecast. More than just a horoscope, this podcast gives you the daily astrology weather prediction. Find out how the stars are aligning and affecting your zodiac sign for now and the days ahead. The tone and scope of our daily lives are directly influenced by the planets in the sky. This astro-weather report also explains astrological conditions like Mercury retrograde periods, Full Moon and New Moon conditions, intense Eclipse patterns, planets changing signs as well as planetary aspects and how they'll affect your life. There’s also a birthday forecast in every show for the listener celebrating their special day. Also known as a Solar Return, this daily forecast gives an overview of what to expect in the coming year. Remember, forewarned is forearmed. Just like your local newscaster telling you to bring an umbrella to work, this podcast helps you circumvent potential problems with daily, topical advice. So, don't just check the weather report; check your astro-weather report as well, and find out what the day has in store for you. With useful tips, insightful information and cosmic guidance know how to navigate the day ahead with confidence and clarity. Kelli Fox is an accredited professional astrologer with the Federation of Australian Astrologers, Professional Member of the American Federation of Astrologers, I.S.A.R CAP – International Society of Astrological Research, NCGR PAA – National Council for Geocosmic Research. Kelli Fox is a household name in astrology and known for her insightful guidance and worldly wisdom. Kelli Fox views astrology as a universal language through which the unique elements that make each of us who we are can be discussed, understood and developed. For Kelli, astrology is not just for entertainment (although it certainly shouldn’t be boring!) but a scientific tool that provides daily guidance when it’s done correctly. She sees her role as bringing this ancient science to our modern-day life through current technologies.

By Kelli Fox

The Spooky Door show

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Enter The Spooky Door with hosts Ashley and Jordan. Hear stories from those who have had first-hand encounters with the unexplained. Ashley and Jordan are providing a safe space for guests to relate their experiences of mystery, wonder, and sometimes even horror. True, this subject can be heavy and daunting, but our guests have intrepid spirits, and contribute their own brands of wit--and oftentimes humor. They peel back the veil to reveal in-depth images into a different realm--one of strange events, places, occurrences, phenomena, and even the occult.

By The Spooky Door Podcast

The Highlight Real show

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Our full episodes on Sundays explore grounded spirituality in the 21st century. "The Daily Wake Up" segments discuss current events through a spiritual lens to leave you informed *and* empowered.

By David Hrostoski

Stand to Reason Weekly Podcast - Enhanced show

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(This podcast feed will be discontinued after 10/29/13. Please subscribe to our Weekly Podcast in iTunes or via This podcast rebroadcasts our weekly radio program. Our purpose is to help Christians think more clearly about their faith and to help them make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity. Released every Wednesday.

By Greg Koukl

Defenders Podcast show

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Defenders is Dr. William Lane Craig's Sunday school class on Christian doctrine and apologetics

By William Lane Craig

Bulletproof with Brett Kunkle show

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Equipping parents, youth leaders, and educators to train a new generation of young people to stand for the truth of Christianity. Released monthly.

By Brett Kunkle

Answers ... with Ken Ham show

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Ken Ham is president of Answers in Genesis and cofounder of the 70,000-square-foot Creation Museum. This daily, 90-second audio program is also broadcast on over 500 radio stations.

By Ken Ham and Mark Looy

Straight Thinking show

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A podcast that highlights the importance of the life of the Christian mind

By Reasons To Believe