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Feed Me Bubbe show

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Bubbe is Yiddish for grandmother and this Bubbe is ready to show you the secret to her good cooking. Feed me Bubbe takes feeding grandchildren to a new level.

By Chalutz Productions

Rav Dovid's Topical Shiurim show

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All of Rav Dovid's lectures and classes are included in this feed.

Nextbook show

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A gateway to Jewish literature, culture, and ideas.

Rabbi Joe in Jerusalem show

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Get the answer to any question you had on Judaism from Rabbi Joe & Yael, plus all about Israel and Israeli politics.

Audio Uplift show

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Everyone wants to be "kind". But becoming a truly kind person takes effort. Actually, it\'s a finely cultivated art. JWR presents an English-language adaptation of the Holy Tongue bestseller, Ahavas Chesed. Its author, Rabbi Yisroel Meir Kagan, known as the "Chofetz Chaim", was one of the most influential rabbis of the first third of the 20th Century. Given his penetrating insight into human nature, the sage's teachings are timeless. Those who incorporate them into their daily lives will find themselves -- and those they interact with -- elevated. Archived

ProjectSinai.org Daf Yomi ProjectSinai.org's Daf Yomi with Rabbi Rosner show

ProjectSinai.org Daf Yomi ProjectSinai.org's Daf Yomi with Rabbi RosnerJoin Now to Follow

The Daf Yomi with Rabbi Shalom Rosner. Brought to you by ProjectSinai.org

By ProjectSinai.org

Daf Yomi: Online show

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I hope to publish daily videos and podcasts of the Daf Yomi. For videos go to http://daf.finkorswim.com or subscribe to the YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/rabbifink.

By Eliyahu Fink

Kabbalah & Physics show

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Rabbi Ginsburgh demonstrates how Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and String Theory use the language of science to describe the presence of G-d in the world, and how to use that knowledge in our lives.

By GalEinai.net

92nd Street Y Podcasts show

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Highlights from the 92nd Street Y universe.

By 92nd Street Y

Kabbalah & Relationships show

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Authentic Jewish Mysticism, Kabbalah, and Chassidut from Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh shlit”a

By Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh