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Judaism, Israel and the trials and tribulations of life/

By SK86

The GevaldikGuy Show show

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Seems that on the way home in the car you have a choice to either listen to the radio, music or a shiur. This podcast introduces a fourth alternative. When you're too tired to listen to a shiur how about an inspirational discussion or a dvar torah or a good question on the Daf? Come listen and join the discussion. Thank You, Gevaldik Guy

By Gevaldik Guy

Rabbi Joe in Jerusalem show

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Get the answer to any question you had on Judaism from Rabbi Joe & Yael, plus all about Israel and Israeli politics.

Torah Talk—Messianic show

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Torah Talk is a midrash challenging 2000 years of teaching and doctrine in the Christian Church.

By Senior Pastor Mark McLellan

KALW-FM: Binah Podcast show

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Creative voices from the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.


Torah Means Teacher: Lessons from the First Five Books of the Bible: Dr. Nahum Roman Footnick ~ Inspired by Dennis Prager and many more… show

Torah Means Teacher: Lessons from the First Five Books of the Bible: Dr. Nahum Roman Footnick ~ Inspired by Dennis Prager and many more…Join Now to Follow

The Torah Means Teacher podcast welcomes you! Please join our discussions and sit in our Torah study class held at Congregation Beth Yeshurun in Houston, TX. The class is lead and taught by Dr. Nahum Roman Footnick. Dr. Footnick is not a Rabbi, nor does he work for the synagogue (and his views expressed are not necessarily those of the synagogue). Rather, in 2010 he was simply invited by the rabbis of the shul to host a class. A short time after, his classes became quite popular. Because Dr. Footnick teaches the Torah in manner that makes it accessable for all (Jews, Christians, atheist, and anyone), he was asked to record his sessions for references and for those unable to attend. Now those recordings are available to all as a FREE podcast. So, if you have ever had an interest in: God, Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy), the Bible, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Hebrew, Sumer, Philosophy, Psychology, NLP, Hypnosis, Egyptology, Archeology, Science, Miracles, Aliens, Angels, Despotism, Communism, Liberty, Americanism, Israel, Ethics, Morality, Holiness, Goodness, Evil, Free Will, and much, MUCH more then you will enjoy Torah Means Teacher as all these areas are frequently discussed in one manner or another. Nahum utilizes commentary from many sources. Most dominant are Dennis Prager, Jacob Milgrom, Nahum Sarna, Umberto Cassuto, Nehama Leibowitz, and of course many other Rabbis like Rashi, Rambam, Ramban, etc. <br>

By Dr. Nahum Roman Footnick, Philosopher and Seeker of Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding

AJC On Air: David Harris show

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Since 2001, AJC Executive Director David Harris has produced national radio commentary.


Daily Kabbalah Lesson with Ari Goldwag show

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The Kabbalah contains timeless words that we have received in our tradition from the great ones before us. They teach us of a deeper reality beneath the surface, one that is spiritual and full of light. This podcast will take you on a breathtaking journey into that reality, leaving you enlightened as to the great opportunity that life affords us. The timeless words of the Ramchal, Rav Moshe Chaim Luzzato, famed Kabbalist of the 18th century, as well as those of Rav Chaim Volozhiner, as well as R' Moshe Cordovero, form the basis for this podcast, which will be updated daily with God's help.

By Ari Goldwag

Jewish Thought Leaders show

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JEWISH THOUGHT LEADERS is a production of the Koret Taube Center for Jewish Peoplehood at the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center. This podcast features talks that we have presented at our center. Each presentation is introduced by Joanne Greene, Director of our Center for Jewish Peoplehood.

By Osher Marin JCC

Apologetics: Ben David Messianic Jewish Congregation show

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These apologetics sermons were delivered at Ben David Messianic Jewish Congregation in Orange, CA.

By Ben David Messianic Jewish Congregation