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Jewish Daily Forward Podcast show

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The Forward’s podcasts are the "Reporters' Roundtable," a weekly conversation between Forward staff about the most pressing issues in the Jewish world, hosted by Josh Nathan-Kazis, and "Yid Lit," a biweekly series interviewing acclaimed authors of literary fiction and nonfiction, hosted by Allison Yarrow. The "Reporters’ Roundtable" discusses topics like the growing rent protests in Israel, debate over the call to promote "peoplehood" within the Jewish community and the increasingly significant and yet fraught relationship between the Jewish and Latino communities in America. "Yid Lit" has interviewed more than 30 notable authors including National Book Critics Circle Award winner Darin Strauss, New Yorker magazine “20 under 40” fiction writers Gary Shteyngart and Nicole Krauss and British writer and Orange Prize winner Linda Grant.

By Forward.com

Wisdom Biscuits and Religion-Outside-The-Box  show

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These 3 minute "wisdom-biscuits" of Rabbi Brian are satisfying, tasty, and digestible. Reigion-Outside-The-Box is an Internet-based, spiritual-religious congregation whose mission it is to help adults find and be with (the) God (of your understanding).

By Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer

Parent Is A Verb show

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Parent Is A Verb, with Barry and Chanie Holzer, offers advice on how to be a pro-active parent. Parenting is the most important job we get in life, with the least preparation. Many parents today are afraid to parent, and remain passive in their roles, leaving their children without the strong role models and sense of security that strong parenting provides. Our goal is to guide parents on their journey with insights into themselves and how they are perceived by their children, and a discussion of the opportunities parenting presents, so you can raise your children suffused with love, filled with optimism, and the resilience and strength to fulfill their potential. For questions or comments email Barry and Chanie Holzer at parentisaverb@ou.org.

By Orthodox Union

Syd Lieberman's Storytelling Podcast » Podcast Feed show

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Internationally acclaimed storyteller and author Syd Lieberman is releasing all of his recordings for free. ’Storytelling is having a grand revival in this country,” he says, “but many people still have no idea what I’m talking about when I say I’m a storyteller. I want to introduce this art form to a new generation of listeners.” To learn more about Syd and his work, visit his website at www.sydlieberman.com.

By Syd Lieberman

Vox Tablet show

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This is Vox Tablet, the weekly podcast of Tablet Magazine, the online Jewish arts and culture magazine that used to be known as Nextbook.org. Our archive of podcasts is available on our site, tablet2015.wpengine.com. Vox Tablet, hosted by Sara Ivry, varies widely in subject matter and sound -- one week it's a conversation with novelist Michael Chabon, theater critic Alisa Solomon, or anthropologist Ruth Behar. Another week brings the listener to "the etrog man" hocking his wares at a fruit-juice stand in a Jersualem market. Or into the hotel room with poet and rock musician David Berman an hour before he and his band, Silver Jews, head over to their next gig. Recent guests include Alex Ross, Shalom Auslander, Aline K. Crumb, Howard Jacobson, and the late Norman Mailer.

By Vox Tablet

CompuSchmooze – Lubetkin Media Companies LLC show

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The intersection of technology and spirituality with a focus on Judaism and Jewish computing.

By CompuSchmooze – Lubetkin Media Companies LLC

The Bleeding Sky-Recollections of the Shoah show

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My mother, Malka Brandsdorfer, lived in a small Polish town near the German border. At the start of World War II she was married and had a young daughter. During the war her married name was Goldratt. She recorded her recollections of the Holocaust. The conditions in the town. Her family's struggle and the ghetto and camps she lived through. She tells of how many of her family died and how only she and one sister survived. Her recollections are told in Yiddish.

By Louis Brandsdorfer

Jewish Thought Leaders show

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JEWISH THOUGHT LEADERS is a production of the Koret Taube Center for Jewish Peoplehood at the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center. This podcast features talks that we have presented at our center. Each presentation is introduced by Joanne Greene, Director of our Center for Jewish Peoplehood.

By Osher Marin JCC

The Legacy - A Historical Romance show

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A novel of love, hate, trust and betrayal. A story about the legacies that life leaves all of us. An exploration of the entangled threads that bind the Jews and Arabs who struggle over the past, present and future of the Land of Israel.

Jewish Stories Podcast (Audio) show

Jewish Stories Podcast (Audio)Join Now to Follow

Stories are the best way to make a point and impart a message deep into the heart. Sit back and listen to inspiring Jewish stories and Chassidic tales.

By Chabad.org: Yossy Gordon