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The 5 Minute Discipleship Podcast show

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Daily episodes are hosted by Pastor Loren Hicks. This podcast will challenge you to go deeper into your Christian faith. The goal is to inspire you to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Episodes have been downloaded over 300,000 times.

By Loren Hicks

The Grief Code show

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The Grief Code podcast looks at grief from a very different perspective than what you have heard anywhere else. As you tune into each episode, you will receive insight into your own grief, how to eliminate it and what to do next. The host and Founder of The Grief Code, Ian Hawkins, specialises in helping you to heal your unresolved and unknown grief. Ian will take you down the rabbit hole of The Grief Code to see that there is life after grief and that it can be more magnificent than you possibly imagined. You’ll discover what true fulfilment feels like and be the inspiration the world is looking for.

By Ian Hawkins

Psychic Medium Sausalito CA show

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I am a professional psychic medium and spiritualist dedicated to helping women confront and release their inner demons. My custom spiritual readings are akin to cleansings--they will give you the exciting energy boost, confidence, and power you need to release the pain and uplift your life to a new level!

By Kyla Love And Light (Psychic Medium + Healer)

Coffee With The Missionary  show

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This is a weekly podcast with ALJC Missionary Ryan Marshall. Weekly updates with progress in PNG, and some things missionaries may go through in the field. Please rate, comment, and subscribe! Visit our website for ways to give to the work here in PNG https://www.ALJC Thank you for your continued prayers and support! #Missionary #Apostolic #PapuaNewGuinea #ALJC #Pentecostal Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Ryan Marshall

Psychic in Sedona Arizona show

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Love and Light are uplifting and inspirational healing for people on a spiritual path. It can help you find your way back to your true self, or help you find your way if you have been lost. The energy of this healing will help you release what no longer serves you, and help you to heal from previous damaging experiences. Kyla Love And Light (Psychic Medium + Healer) will help you feel confident and whole again. The Love and Light healing is also perfect if you are feeling misunderstood or disconnected from other people around you. This healing will help you to feel more connected to the Source

By Kyla Love And Light (Psychic Medium + Healer)

Devocionales Bíblicos Jesus Is Life show

Devocionales Bíblicos Jesus Is LifeJoin Now to Follow

Breve estudio de la Biblia, capítulo a capítulo a través de los devocionales diarios.

By Jesus Is Life

Soul Solutions show

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Soul Solutions: Take control of your life and develop successful ways to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs. Join Terri Kozlowski as she cuts through the intricate thought patterns and old egoic mindsets. We will go within to find the answers and create the life you desire.

By Terri Kozlowski

Uddhava Gita - The Last Message of Lord Shri Krishna show

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Krishna spoke the Uddhava Gita (also referred to as Hamsa Gita) to Uddhava shortly before he left the world in order to help console Uddhava after his forthcoming departure. It commences with Uddhava's perplexity after he saw the impending destruction of the Yaduvanshi community, in which Krishna was also brought up, born as a Kshatriya.<br> <br> Uddhava was famous as a devotee and a dear friend of Krishna but even he could not fathom why he had not prevented the destruction from happening. Brahma, the creator and the celestials implored Krishna to return to his divine abode after the purpose of his descent was over.<br> <br> Krishna then explained why the Yadavas had to be finished, "Made insolent by prowess, heroism and fortune, and inclined to take possession of the whole world, this celebrated race of Yadu has been kept in check by Me as the ocean by its shore. If I depart (from this world) without destroying the huge race of the Yadus, who have grown insolent the entire humanity will meet its destruction..." Greatly saddened by this Uddhava approached Krishna and beseeched him to take him also. In reply, Krishna then expounds the Uddhava Gita. <br> <br> An exposition of Uddhava Gita or Hamsa Gita - Introduction: The Gods Pray For The Lord's Return by our Spiritual Master KrsnaKnows/KrsnaGuru.<br> <br> Info ref: (Wikipedia)<br> <br> ►Subscribe us on Youtube:<br> <br> Our Playlists:<br> ►Srimad Bhagavatam Exposition:<br> ►Guru Charitra Exposition :<br> ►Shri Sai Satcharita Exposition:<br> ►Spiritual Teachings In Short:<br> <br> Our Podcast Channels:<br> <br> Spotify<br> iTunes<br> TuneIn<br> Stitcher<br> CastBox

By KrsnaKnows

Carrickfergus Baptist Church show

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Weekly sermons from Carrickfergus Baptist Church. Join us on Sundays 11am and 7pm to hear God's word explained -

By Carrickfergus Baptist Church

Narada Bhakti Sutra - Narada's Aphorisms on Love and Devotion show

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In this discourse, Our Spiritual Master KrsnaKnows expounds the Bhakti Yoga Sutras (Path of Love &amp; Devotion) of Devrishi Naradmuni, Narada's Aphorisms on Love Divine( Love and Devotion to Lord) which is called "Narada Bhakti Sutra".

By KrsnaKnows