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Conscious Global Network show

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Dedicated to fostering the mutual progress of humankind CGN is a media organization that covers scientific, technological, psychological and philosophical concepts from a unique angle that you likely haven't seen before. Check out the website at

By Joshua Phoenix

Becoming Bridge Builders show

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We live in a world where at times the negativity and hopelessness around us keep us in a dark place. This podcast is designed to discover ways to build bridges between the rivers of division and misunderstanding. The focus will be on racial healing and reconciliation. To accomplish this enormous task I will introduce knowledgeable guests to address the issues in the black community that most people are not aware of or don't completely understand. Only truth can build the bridge to wholeness. We will tackle tough topics and issues with truth and optimism. Hosted by B. Keith Haney.

By Keith Haney

From Mess to Miracle show

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Christianity plays a huge role in the fabric of our lives. To be honest, life is messy. Yet in the midst of the mess, God still uses us. The fact that God does is a miracle. This podcast is designed to inspire you in your walk with God and connect you will people and ministries that could be a blessing. You will hear inspiring stories of believers exercising their faith to create miracles in their community. Hosted by Keith Haney.

By Keith Haney

Prophet George Karis Podcast show

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George Karis is a Prophet of God who seeks to propagate the gospel and win souls for Christ by drawing the body of Christ into intimacy with God. Be Blessed as you listen to this podcast messages!

By Prophet George Karis

The Holy Fool Podcast show

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Welcome to the Holy Fool Podcast, where we endeavour to discuss the space between words, surf the zeitgeist and have fun discovering our authentic selves. Join us as we shoot the spiritual breeze from 2 continents, cutting the crap and finding the map of love, happiness, health and abundance already hard wired within us. Authentic awakening, conscious embodiment, natural happiness.

By Holy Fool

Journey of Ruth show

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With so many wonderful mentors in her life, Courtney Lowman felt selfish keeping them to herself. Each week, Courtney will introduce you to one of those wise people and talk to them about their life, work, faith and whatever else comes up! They chat about the victories without shying away from the challenges that have gotten them where they are today. If you are in need of some wisdom and a companion, grab a coffee and sit down for an hour with Courtney and her friends! Everyone is welcome!

By Courtney Lowman

Stephen Bly Down A Western Trail  show

Stephen Bly Down A Western Trail Join Now to Follow Legacy Series presents award-winning western author Stephen Bly speaking on Faith, Family, and Western Wisdom. Stephen Bly authored more than 100 inspirational fiction and non-fiction books for adults, teens, and kids (8-14 years), including the Stuart Brannon Western Series, Code of the West Series, Austin-Stoner Files, Nathan Riggins Western Adventure Series, Horse Dreams Series, and Throw The Devil Off The Train. Theme for all his books and audio: to prepare hearts to receive God's truth.

By Stephen Bly

Spiritual Alchemy The PODCAST with Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson show

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Spiritual Healing Chat - interviews with healers about various spiritual healing topics and modalities. Spiritual Alchemy Energy Transfigurations The PODCAST Spiritual Alchemy Do you have an interest or questions about Alternative Healing Modalities? Are you a healer that would like to discuss what you do or would like to discuss spiritual healing topics? The paranormal, conspiracy theories, spiritual healing and anything "Woo woo for Your Boo Hoo"!

By Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson

Coming Home Ministries with Julian Awad show

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The Coming Home Ministries with Julian Awad is a radio series that aims to share the Word of God. He felt the calling of God from an early age, and a desire to spread the gospel. Currently, he ministers in many parts of the world and at home. Julian’s calling and desire is to evangelize to every person and every nation. Coming Home Ministries is a ministry under the International Bible Institute & Learning Center (IBILC), a 501 c3 non-profit. All support & donations are collected by IBILC. Call 610-595-9010 for more information.

By Coming Home Ministries

Spirit Online Podcast show

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Spirituelle Podcasts wöchentlich Neu. Leben, Gefühle, Entwicklung - Dinge die du wissen solltest – Mit tollen Menschen die was zu sagen haben. Der SPIRIT ONLINE PODCAST ist ein Podcast-Medium von und Moderator und Keynote Speaker Andreas Kolos. Andreas ist ein sehr erfahrener spiritueller Lehrer, Medium, Autor, Speaker, Kongressveranstalter und erfolgreicher Unternehmer. Und nebenbei ist Andreas Kolos Deutschlands führender Experte für Charisma. Es wird hier spannend! Podcast und Spiritualität, Leben und Gefühle, Persönlichkeit und Entwicklung. Themen, die Dich auf ganz neue Ideen für Dein Leben bringen können! Spirituelle Themen oder Ganzheitlich – auf jeden Fall informativ. Das wollen wir vermitteln! Zu hören bei Spirit Online Podcasts. Es erwartet euch jede Woche etwas Neues von Menschen, die etwas zu sagen haben. Wissen und Erfahrungen aus ihrem Leben und Wissensgebiet mit Euch teilen möchten. Der spirituelle Podcast wird das breite Spektrum Spiritualität, Meditation, Selbstbewusstsein, Körpersprache, Rhetorik, Motivation, Sport, Ernährung, Essen und Trinken, Lifestyle, Gesundheit aktuelles und vieles mehr ansprechen.

By Andreas Kolos