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Guru Charitra show

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Shree Guru Charitra is an ancient sacred scripture. It contains the biographies of Sri Sripada Sri Vallabha and Sri Narasimha Saraswati. Its sanctity is so profound that repeated listening of the discourse will yield the blessings of the Lord Shree Dattatreya and enable devotees to fulfil their spiritual weal.

By KrsnaKnows

Uddhava Gita - The Last Message of Lord Shri Krishna show

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Krishna spoke the Uddhava Gita (also referred to as Hamsa Gita) to Uddhava shortly before he left the world in order to help console Uddhava after his forthcoming departure. It commences with Uddhava's perplexity after he saw the impending destruction of the Yaduvanshi community, in which Krishna was also brought up, born as a Kshatriya.<br> <br> Uddhava was famous as a devotee and a dear friend of Krishna but even he could not fathom why he had not prevented the destruction from happening. Brahma, the creator and the celestials implored Krishna to return to his divine abode after the purpose of his descent was over.<br> <br> Krishna then explained why the Yadavas had to be finished, "Made insolent by prowess, heroism and fortune, and inclined to take possession of the whole world, this celebrated race of Yadu has been kept in check by Me as the ocean by its shore. If I depart (from this world) without destroying the huge race of the Yadus, who have grown insolent the entire humanity will meet its destruction..." Greatly saddened by this Uddhava approached Krishna and beseeched him to take him also. In reply, Krishna then expounds the Uddhava Gita. <br> <br> An exposition of Uddhava Gita or Hamsa Gita - Introduction: The Gods Pray For The Lord's Return by our Spiritual Master KrsnaKnows/KrsnaGuru.<br> <br> Info ref: (Wikipedia)<br> <br> ►Subscribe us on Youtube:<br> <br> Our Playlists:<br> ►Srimad Bhagavatam Exposition:<br> ►Guru Charitra Exposition :<br> ►Shri Sai Satcharita Exposition:<br> ►Spiritual Teachings In Short:<br> <br> Our Podcast Channels:<br> <br> Spotify<br> iTunes<br> TuneIn<br> Stitcher<br> CastBox

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Srimad Bhagavatam show

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Srimad Bhagavatam is a mahapurana. The Srimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavata is one of the great Puranas of Hinduism. Which describes the glories of Lord Krishna(Krsna). The stories of Krsna promises the Devotion(bhakti) towards to Lord Krsna.The Bhagavata Purana discusses a wide range of topics such as cosmology, genealogy, geography, mythology, legand, music, dance, yoga and culture.<br> <br> This Mahapurana is primarily a bhakti(devotional) text, which shows you the path to reach Moksha and to be one with the Lord Krishna. This text also includes Samkhya, Yoga, Vedanta and Advita Vedanta.<br> <br> When Parikshit needed the ultimate truth after he was cursed to death to get salvation, he reached out to Sukadev, Vyasmuni’s son! Sukadev tells Parikshit the stories of the various incarnations of Lord Sri Krsna. Hearing them, anyone can attain moksha. Such is the purport of the Bhagavatam.<br> <br> What exactly it entails for the spiritual for attaining the lofty goal of liberation or going towards Krsna would be revealed in the satsang which will be conducted by Krsnaknows.These are not just stories as understood by mankind but your inner states of spirituality. Please attend them with absolute faith, complete surrender, single pointed devotion and unconditional love for Sri Krsna and He will take you closer than ever before.

By KrsnaKnows

All of the Above show

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This is All of the Above, the podcast where we couldn’t decide whether to focus on theology, sharing stories, discussing books, or philosophy of ministry so we chose to do all of the above.

By The Church at Greer Station

			The Sheldrake Vernon Dialogues

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Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance. Mark Vernon is a psychotherapist and author. Together they discuss: consciousness, prayer, angels, science and spiritual practices, magic, dreams, hell, the unconscious, rituals, enlightenment, atheism, materialism, and more.

By Rupert Sheldrake and Mark Vernon

The Sages - Saints - Gurus and Incarnations show

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The life stories of the great sages, saints, gurus, and incarnations or avatars. In this podcast series, RajShree Maa will be narrating all about a Sage, Saint, Guru and an Incarnation or Avatar. Sage: A sage is a Wiseman who has the wisdom and knowledge about the Truth of God. Examples of sages are Chanakya, Hemadripant, Confucious, Tsun Zu. A sage is also a philosopher like Aristotle or Socrates. Saint: A saint is a person who has manifested to serve the purpose of the divine Lord Almighty. Examples of saints are Kabir, Tukaram, Meerabai, Saibaba, Ramakrishna Paramhamsa. Some saints are canonised by the church also like St.Peters, St.Thomas, St. Francis Xavier. There are also Sufi saints like Rumi, Hazrat Kwaja Garib Nawaz or Inayat Ullah Khan. Guru: ‘GURU’ – ‘Gu’ means destroyer or remover, and ‘Ru’ means darkness or ignorance. Therefore, a Guru is the destroyer of our ignorance and illuminer of knowledge. The term ‘Gu’ also means ‘Gunaheet’ meaning beyond Gunas, qualities or attributes and ‘Ru’ means ‘Rupavarjita’ meaning beyond all forms or formless. Therefore, the Guru is the One who has transcended the mind, body, senses, and the three Gunas. ‘Gu’ also denotes spiritual ignorance, and ‘Ru’ denotes the light of spiritual knowledge. Therefore, Guru is the One who dispels the darkness of spiritual ignorance in his disciples and illuminates them with spiritual knowledge through spiritual experiences. The Guru is the Tattva or the Teaching Principle of God. He is Nirgun or Unmanifest. The unmanifest Guru pervades the entire Universe at all times. The unmanifest Guru works through some of the evolved individuals who are known as the sagun or manifest Guru in the human form – ‘Gurur Sakshat Parabrahma.’ Incarnation or Avatar: An incarnation is the divine essence of the Lord. He has manifested or taken a human form to establish ‘Dharma’ or ‘Righteousness’ and God’s religion. Some of the most remarkable incarnations or avatars are Shree Ram, Lord Shree Krsna, Parashuram, Buddha, Jesus Christ or my KrsnaGuruji. The full Avatar is enlightened and completely aware of their own divinity even at the time of birth. The incarnation is never overcome by the ‘Maya’ or ‘Illusions’ of the material world. They are always aware of their mission and the divine powers at his command. Therefore, A God, Guru and Incarnation are no different from each other. They are all the same. An Avatar and Guru both remain in a state of eternal bliss. They both are Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. But, at the same time, there is a primary difference between Avatar and Guru. The difference lies in how that state of Cosmic Consciousness (Eternal Bliss) is attained.

By Radha Krsna Mai Gurukul

Our Manifestation Journey show

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We are Samantha and Mickayla - two sisters from Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada who are manifesting our wildest desires by using the strategies from various manifestation and law of attraction teachers. @ourmanifestationjourney

By ourmanifestationjourney

Bhagavad Gita - The Way Of Life show

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The Bhagavad Gita or The Song of Divine - The Way of Life

By Radha Krsna Mai Gurukul

7 Figure Spiritual Leader show

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If you’re on a big mission (leading a global movement, expert in your field, raising consciousness on the planet) and you’re looking to create your next level leaps in money (into 6-7Figures), AND higher consciousness (partnering with Source as Source)…WITHOUT overworking, expansion/contraction hangovers or “the do it all yourself” mentality. And you're choosing to do it the high-vibe and multidimensional way (from joy, surplus, co-creation) while deeply honoring your energy, genius-work and leadership mastery of both the higher and physical planes to create like wildfire. Join Danielle Hoffman 7 Figure Spiritual Leader, best selling author, international channel and legacy-work coach and her guide Thoth, plus expert guests for energetic shifts and outer strategies to unlock your 1st or next 6 or 7 figures on the regular (and keep it), elevate consciousness and change the lives of thousands. Multi-D Biz (5D and beyond) is all about community and co-creation, we deeply appreciate you sharing episodes with others and leaving us a review!

By Danielle Rama Hoffman

The Scientific Reality of Existence | By Abdulrazaq Aliyu (Sufiabdul) show

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This podcast is a guide for our energetic / spiritual discipline, which by the will of our inner Essential Reality (God), we will perceive and know that the whole universe is a scientific reality of a Single Absolute Existent Being. All of existence is nothing but a holographic reflection upon reflection, shadow upon shadow and imaginative modeling of the Absolute Fundamental Substance and the Grand Universal Energy (Allah / God). Regardless of the different names we may call this same Unique Reality. This book is a global and universal book for all creatures, regardless of Religion. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Abdulrazaq Aliyu (Sufiabdul)