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Be Love. Do Good. with Kristi Hayes show

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Ever notice how a simple thing can change your life? A simple lunch box note changed ours. A few years ago, my husband wrote a timely message to our son that said: BE STRONG, PROTECT THE WEAK, LOVE EVERYONE. Those words have become our family mission to the world. Each week on Be Love. Do Good. podcast, we will be sharing practical ways to live out this message. You’ll hear tips and ideas, encouraging words, and stories of others who are being love and doing good in their communities in hopes to inspire YOU and your family to love in your own ways! Each week we will be challenged to get out of our comfort zones and love others who are different from us. We truly believe knowing others helps us love well and that any act of love can change the life of another. Join us as we take practical steps to teach our children and families to be love and do good! Be Love. Do Good. is a part of the Christian Parenting Podcast Network. To find practical and spiritual guidance to help you grow into the perfectly imperfect parent you want to be visit

By Kristi Hayes and Christian Parenting

Quiver Full Adoptions show

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Quiver Full Adoptions is a nonprofit adoption agency located in Greenville SC, who has built a loyal following of both followers and friends who are passionate about all things adoption—ethics, education, and stories. Listeners subscribe to Quiver Full Adoptions for the latest in adoption and stories from the adoption triad.The purpose of this podcast is to serve and educate adoptive families before, throughout and after their adoption. This podcast is hosted by Casey Brown and Elizabeth Bordeaux, the Co-Founders of Quiver Full Adoptions, Inc.

By Casey Brown & Elizabeth Bordeaux

Understanding Buddhism in America show

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This is a podcast explaining various Buddhist teachings and topics. It is designed for people of all religious backgrounds to understand and enjoy while maintaining the core lessons of Buddhism. It was started as a source for understanding some of the more complex and often misunderstood Buddhist teachings in a quick, easy, and entertaining way.

By Michael Goree

The Membership show

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A podcast about the life of work of Wendell Berry: the Kentucky farmer, poet, novelist, essayist, and activist.

By Jason Hardy, John Pattison, and Tim Wasem

Kahani Pauranik Bharat Ki show

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The podcast ‘Kahani Puranik Bharat Ki’ unveils ancient Indian mythological stories. The podcast is hosted by RJ Akhil as he digs deeper into the significance of deep-set Indian myths.

By Radio City

Swami B.V. Tripurari's 2014 Lectures show

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It is difficult to find someone from the West that both understands and can elegantly express the theory behind an Eastern mystical tradition. It is even more difficult to find a modern mystic. In Swami Tripurari we have both: a traditional mystic who can articulate the teachings of an ancient spiritual tradition. A compelling speaker, to hear him and be in his presence is itself a spiritual experience. Swami Tripurari met his initiating guru, Srila A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, in the spring of 1972. He relates that he felt as though he had met a long-lost friend, as Srila Prabhupada blessed him with his all-knowing glance. Over the years of service that followed, Srila Prabhupada showered him with affection and repeatedly expressed his appreciation for his selfless service and ability to inspire others. In 1974 Srila Prabhupada instructed him in a widely circulated letter, “So you organize freely. You are the incarnation of book distribution. Take the leadership and do the needful.” Accordingly, Swami Tripurari has set an example of one who is independently thoughtful and capable of making an insightful literary contribution to the world. In 1975 Swami Tripurari was initiated by Srila Prabhupada into the renounced order of sannyasa.

By Swami B. V. Tripurari

The Open Minded Skeptic show

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Is it time to listen to something different? Something alternate, without the usual bias, or levity applied to subjects routinely dismissed? If you find yourself viewing the normal world as odd, or perhaps out-of-touch with your own reality, tune in to our podcast, where we will be sharing the words (and various missions) of the OeC Magazine columnists, and people within the different communities that touch our hearts, our souls, and of course, manifest change within our fractured world.Our podcasts will be a combination of interviews with people who work and/or live outside of the mainstream, a plethora of scripted non-fiction educational discussions touching on the latest conspiracies, ancient origins, ufology, the paranormal, fringe or new science, metaphysical musings, natural living, various product, event, service, book and DVD reviews, as well as some of my own supernatural fictional stories (scripted and at times, unscripted).The goal of The Open Minded Skeptic is to make you question, as well as to create short and to the point podcasts, no longer than ten minute soundbites (finger crossed)!Initially we will be transitioning across from our other platforms a number of interviews and articles from inside past issues of the Oddities e-Club Magazine, whilst catching up with previous interviewees to see how they are going on their guided path!If this sounds like you - tune in, or check out our website!

By Sharon Ann Rowland

Kabir Ke Dohe show

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<p>"Kabir Ke Dohe" is a soulful podcast that brings you the timeless wisdom of the 15th-century poet and saint, Kabir. With 30 of his most profound dohas (couplets) spread across 6 episodes, each doha is presented in a soothing and captivating voice that will transport you to a state of inner peace and reflection.</p> <p> This podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking spiritual guidance and insight into life's mysteries."</p> <p>कबीर दास का जन्म 1398 में माना जाता है। इनके जन्म के समय हर तरफ सर्वत्र धार्मिक कर्मकांड, अंधविश्वास और पाखंड का बोलबाला था। इन्होंने समाज में व्याप्त भ्रांतियों और बुराइयों को दूर करने में अपना पूरा जीवन समर्पित कर दिया और लोगों में भक्ति भाव का बीज बोया। इनकी मृत्यु 1518 में मगहर में हुई थी। कबीर दास जी के दोहे अत्यंत सरल भाषा में थे, जिसके कारण इनके दोहों ने लोगों पर व्यापक प्रभाव डाला। आज भी कबीर दास जी के दोहे जीवन जीने की सही राह दिखाते हैं। </p> <p>Credits: SW Audio/Music</p> <p><em>Millions of listeners seek out <a href="">Bingepods</a> (Ideabrew Studios Network content) every day. Get in touch with us to advertise, join the network or click listen to  enjoy content by some of India's top audio creators.</em><br><em><a href=""></a></em></p> <p><a href="">Android</a> | <a href="">Apple</a></p>

By SmartWay Music

Ancient Dragon Zen Gate Dharma Talks show

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Dharma talks on Zen meditation and practice by Taigen Dan Leighton and other members of Ancient Dragon Zen Gate.

By Taigen Dan Leighton

Mufti Ismail Musa Menk | Lectures show

Mufti Ismail Musa Menk | LecturesJoin Now to Follow

No. 1 Islamic Audio Podcast Publisher

By Muslim Central Media