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The Simple Path to God show

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Discovering the Way Back to Authentic Faith - Fr. Spyridon Bailey applies the teaching of the Church Fathers to modern life with reference to the Sunday gospels.

By Fr. Spyridon Bailey and Ancient Faith Radio

The Lord of Spirits show

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The Seen and Unseen World in Orthodox Christian Tradition - The modern world does not acknowledge but is nevertheless haunted by spirits - angels, demons and saints. Fathers Andrew Stephen Damick and Stephen De Young focus on enchantment in creation, the union of the seen and unseen as made by God and experienced by mankind throughout history.

By Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick, Fr. Stephen De Young, and Ancient Faith Ministries

Tending the Garden of our Hearts show

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Tending the Garden of our Hearts: Meditations for Families offers weekly meditations for families, with Saint's stories, Scriptures and lessons designed to open up conversation and to enrich the family's Little Church.

By Elissa Bjeletich, Kristina Wenger, and Ancient Faith Radio

Stewardship Calling show

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Maximizing God’s gifts to you and your parish - Why are you here and Why does your Parish exist? Explore God’s personal calling for you and your Parish. Learn the latest research, best practices and creative ideas to improve the operations of your Parish and the quality of your life.

By Christ the Savior Orthodox Church and Ancient Faith Radio

Sacramental Living show

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Understanding Christianity as a Way of Life - Sacramental Living is a series of podcasts by Michael Haldas about how to understand and live our Orthodox Christian faith in the context of real life and real world issues and continually grow closer to God.

By Michael Haldas and Ancient Faith Radio

Pop Culture Coffee Hour show

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The guys and girls talk about pop culture, theology, and whatever else is on their minds in this weekly podcast. They might even make you laugh. Maybe. The guys: Steven Christoforou & Christian Gonzalez The girls: Christina Andresen & Emma Solak

By The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and Ancient Faith Radio

Parables of Community show

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Asceticism of the Open Door - Stories of the lives of the people who come to St. John the Compassionate Mission, an apostolate of the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese located in Toronto, Ontario.

By St. John the Compassionate Mission and Ancient Faith Radio

No Other Foundation show

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Reflections on Orthodox Theology and Biblical Studies - Fr. Lawrence Farley offers brief commentary and analysis on topics related to Orthodoxy, theology, morality, the Scriptures, and contemporary culture.

By Fr. Lawrence Farley and Ancient Faith Radio

In a Certain Kingdom show

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Deathless villains that can’t help dying, idiots who are wiser than kings, and everyone’s favorite pestle-riding hag… Welcome to the perilous land of Slavic myths and legends, a land of wonder and adventure. In a Certain Kingdom is a podcast where storyteller and award-winning fantasy novelist Nicholas Kotar translates and retells Slavic fairy tales and myths, then delves into the symbolic structure of the story. Featuring original music composed by Natalie Wilson.

By Dn. Nicholas Kotar and Ancient Faith Radio

In Focus show

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FOCUS North America is a national movement of Orthodox Christians, united in faith and joined by a desire to provide action-oriented and sustainable solutions to poverty in communities across America. This podcast regularly updates you on the work and stories of FOCUS North America and tells you how you can participate.

By FOCUS North America and Ancient Faith Radio