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God's Mac show

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Technology meets eternity. We explore avenues of uniting these two seemingly separate arenas of life into a seamless whole. Where we recognize the times in which we're living and use what we've been given to make a difference for eternity. Come hear the latest in technology review and meet some incredible people who might very well become an integral part of your own life and ministry.

By Gabe Taviano

Skeptics with a K show

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Skeptics with a K is the podcast for science, reason and critical thinking from the Merseyside Skeptics Society. We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of scientific skepticism on Merseyside, around the UK and internationally.

By Merseyside Skeptics Society


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The Life & Wisdom of SEEKER FINDER Presented to the public for the first time anywhere: Hear the voice & soul of the man known to only a very select few, until now. Due to the inherent risk to his personal welfare, SEEKER FINDER has remained relatively silent and in seclusion for 5 decades. SEEKER FINDER chonicles for the listener his own true-life stories of his life-long interaction and cooporation with spiritual enities and the things he has learned from them, that he now shares for the first time anywhere, with all who have the heart, will and spiritual apptitude to hear.

Ministerios Bet-el Podcasts show

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Ministerios Bet-el es una Congregación Cristiana no denominacional, dedicada a llevar la palabra de Dios por toda la República Dominicana. Nuestra Misión es alcanzar la isla para Jesucristo, predicando el evangelio a toda criatura en la isla: uno a uno; a través de programas de Radio y Televisión; y a través de la Internet.

By Ministerios Bet-el - Rep. Dominicana

ExGay Talk show

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It has become quite fashionable to dis people who don't think homosexuality is cool and natural and God-given. There is no convincing you if you fall into that category, most likely. But if you are looking for an answer to your questions about change, I will try and help. I've got a whole closet full of T-shirts, and none of them says "How dare you presume I'm heterosexual" or "SUPERQUEER"!!!

By Duncan Bouwer

Bulldogs and Piggies show

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Bulldogs and Piggies, a serious podcast with a silly name. Bulldogs and Piggies features the preaching ministry of Rod Harris, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, located at the corner of 41st and Union. To learn more about the ministries at Trinity Baptis Church, visit us on the web at

Cedarwood Church Weekly Sermons show

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Weekly Sermons from Pastor Mike Berg at Cedarwood Church in Apple Valley Minnesota.

ChaotiCast show

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A weekly coverage of events, mainly those of a religious nature, from the perspectve of an evangelical christian missionary in australia.

Cathedral of Joy Messages show

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Weekly inspirational messages from the Cathedral of Joy. The Cathedral of Joy is a positive faith church in Richland, Washington. We believe God is so big, so good, and so great that with his help we can look at the worst in the world and believe that, with his help, we can change it.

Catholic Cast Podcast show

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The Catholic Cast is truly the most eclectic religious podcast available. Interviews, music, strange and weird facts. Homegrown and interesting, faithful, and fun.