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A Lamp for Today show

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Understanding the Old Testament With Jesus and the Apostles - Join Edith Humphrey in reading Old Testament passages designed to bring to life the weekly Gospel and/or Epistle reading for the Divine Liturgy. Discover how the apostles and the New Testament writers followed the pattern of Jesus in their understanding of the Holy Scriptures of the early Church - the Law, the Prophets and the Writings.

By Dr. Edith Humphrey and Ancient Faith Radio

All These Things show

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Seeking the Kingdom of God as an Orthodox Christian Mother - This podcast provides encouragement, inspiration, and direction for mamas who juggle "all these things" of motherhood but long to live with intention and beauty while seeking the kingdom of God.

By Hannah Vazquez and Ancient Faith Radio

Through a Monk's Eyes show

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Looking at the World from the Celtic Shores of Scotland—and Elsewhere - Have you ever wondered what the world looks like through a monk's eyes? Priest-monk Seraphim shares his stories of the places he visits and the people he meets as he travels the world to found the first Orthodox monastery in the Celtic Isles of Scotland in a thousand years.

By Fr. Seraphim Aldea and Ancient Faith Radio

Made to Be a Kingdom show

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This podcast presents, describes, and demonstrates how “Royal Priesthood” and “Priestly Kingdom” are not simply general niceties, but rather are specific directives from the Lord through His Apostles to the Church. They describe the specific roles of the faithful from layperson to bishop of the Royal and Priestly duties and roles we are called to fulfill.

By Fr. Harry Linsinbigler, Fr. Anthony Perkins, and Ancient Faith Ministries Radio

The Whole Counsel of God show

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Verse By Verse Through The Scriptures - This podcast takes us through the Holy Scriptures in a verse by verse study based on the Great Tradition of the Orthodox Church. These studies were recorded live at Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church in Lafayette, Louisiana, and include questions from his audience.

By Fr. Stephen De Young and Ancient Faith Radio

Live with the Louhs show

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Supporting Healthy Minds and Healthy Souls - Hosted by Fr. Nicholas and Pres. Roxanne Louh. Fr. Nicholas is the priest at St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church in Jacksonville, Florida, and Dr. Roxanne is a licensed clinical Psychologist who uses her extensive training in private practice.

By Fr. Nicholas and Roxanne Louh and Ancient Faith Radio

Daily Orthodox Scriptures for Kids show

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New Testament readings with a short commentary at the end just for kids. Usually around five minutes long, it is a fantastic way to get our children into the Bible.

By Fr. Alexis Kouri and Ancient Faith Radio

Bad Books of the Bible show

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A Podcast About a Collection of Books with a Curious Pedigree and an Even Stranger Legacy - The so-called apocryphal books are the Rodney Dangerfield of the Bible—they get no respect. Well, we’re here to fix that. We think these books deserve a little love. Why? Listen and find out yourself.

By Jamey Bennett, Joel J. Miller and Ancient Faith Radio

The Heal Thrive Dream Podcast show

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Heal Thrive Dream, LLC is a mother daughter company whose mission is to bring compassion, comfort, and healing to professional mothers recovering from childhood abuse. Abuse affects every aspect of a survivor's life, and it is common to feel "stuck" or empty. We created our podcast to offer education and inspiration to our listeners. To receive our gift "Hope Tool" please visit us at: Thank you for listening!

By Karen Robinson, LCSW

Bodies in the Trees show

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Bodies in the Trees: The Last Recordings of The Unknown Book Club. In this harrowing 6-part series, Susannah Edwards uncovers a podcast investigating black magic and the Occult which may hold the answers to the strange case of The Bodies in the Trees at the Nine Ladies. For fans of Serial, S-Town and Up & Vanished, this podcast was taken down for over a year, but has been re-released due to real world developments

By Bodies in the Trees