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Dave Dill's Basement Tracks show

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Live music from Dave and his band!

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iMixes // Exclusive mixes that bend and re-defines genre. Enjoy these mixes as provided by the Digital DJs and its community members. If you enjoy Soul, Hip-Hop, Rare Grooves, Broken Beats, and Down Tempo, then I am sure there is a mix or two that you will enjoy.

Crap From The Past show

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Crap From The Past: A weekly pop music show for people who already know plenty about pop music. Since 1992, host Ron "Boogiemonster" Gerber has celebrated everything original in pop music, from the dizzying heights (Stevie Wonder, Tears For Fears, Holly Knight, Crowded House, Marshall Crenshaw, Jason Falkner, ...), to the stultifying depths (Stars on 45, MC Hammer, the Ethel Merman Disco Album, Milli Vanilli, anything on Kid Stuff Records...), to the spellbindingly odd (Peter Cetera singing in Japanese?!?). There's a lot of crap on the radio, but there's only one Crap From The Past. If you make it past the first ten minutes, you'll be hooked for life.

By KFAI/Fresh Air Community Radio

Creot Radio show

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We are a weekly show featuring artists from around the globe. The show is hosted by musicians in a new city each week and features that city's local artists, creotians, wenzel's mom, interviews with bands, hostile takeovers by aliens and government officials, and much much more... show

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the podcast rolls with the sites, sounds, & events comin' outta the dirty south...with an eclectic mix of crunk-i-fied productions from the band "the brew" and friends. listen to comedy skits, interviews from some serious dirty south playas, visits to da clubs to find the best in bootycalls and psychobitches, and you know we're gonna get down with the newest crunky artist vibrations.

By The Brew, Walt Cusick, Adam Bloom and Friends

Christian Indies Radio Show show

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Each week Christian Indies Radio Brings you the Best Independent Christian Music ANYWHERE! Now in Syndication.

Christian Kiefer's Crowtown show

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You find yourself in a forest bleak and beautiful. A flock of black birds with yellow beaks. A rumble of sound on the banks of a river next to the corpse of a goat. But why? Christian Kiefer would tell you that he is a musician and writer residing in Sacramento, California. Or maybe he'd just sear the goat and offer you a bite at the end of a sharpened wooden stick. He talks mostly about music, although other ideas filter in. Sometimes he invites other to talk as well. Sometimes he doesn't. The goat is tasty. Sweet. And the rumble continues by the river bank. It might be something terrible coming. Or it might be something beautiful. You should probably sit down and find out. What do you have to lose?



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AS COMPRAS DO MÊS é um podcast de música. Boa música, má música, toda a música, sem critérios de estilos músicais. O único requisito para uma música surgir numa das edições é o facto de pertencer a um CD que eu tenha comprado durante o mês de publicação. Conto fazer edições semanais com a duração aproximada de trinta minutos. Acho que irão surgir combinações inesperadas, por isso não prometo nada a não ser que considero as músicas boas e merecedoras de atenção...

CMM.HK:   Musician's Choice show

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為你帶來 CMM.HK 的未來動向、 節目精選、 特備節目、 台慶、 發癲 CMM.HK 香港最強「播客為本」播客頻道 podcast Your real entertaining cantonese podcast from Hong Kong, even with video podcast now!!


Carl Cox Global show

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The monthly podcast friendly edition of Carl Cox's weekly radio show - Global. Hear exclusive mixes from Carl Cox selecting music from the best electronic labels and prouducers in the exclusive 'Global Lowdown'. Carl Cox Global is produced and syndicated worldwide by for FM and digital stations worldwide.