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Podcast from psytrance to Chill out Ambient, through reggae, elektro, break beat & more My Prokects are: Dj Psysmael Dark Full-On / Twisted PsyTrance Dj ChillMael Ambient / Chill Out / Dub / Dubstep ISMASH Electro / Funk / Hip-Hop / Mashup / Nu Break Beat / Dubstep / Techno I-Smash Reggae / Raggamuffin / Dancehall / Roos / Nu-Roots / Dub About Ismaele Ismaele Gonzato View Profile Add as Friend Party Organiser // Dj // Percussionist // Producer Psysmael aka Ismash (name for the non psytrance music performance) is Ismaele Gonzato, coming from Switzerland, born in 1981 in Ticino, the italian part of Switzerland in the small but special village of Carona. Psysmael has begun playing music since he was child, he always has been interested in percussion and since his child age he was fascinated by all kind of instruments and music. He did 5 years of drumming and stayed 4 years in a jazz school and has played for 3 years in a reggae band as a drummer and song writer. The passion for electronic music began in 1991 when he went to the UK for three month to an artistic school where he discovered techno music and many other new musical tendencies. Some years later he discovered Drum'n Bass in Amsterdam and became a real fan of that kind of music. It is in the last years that he began to listen to more and more kind of different, electronic or not music. Actually Psysmael produces various styles of music, but basically he is more oriented on Electro, Techno, Drum'n Bass and especially Psy-Trance music as a Dj. From the year 1997 Ismaele started organising little parties in the nature with friends, in the years 2002, 2003 and 2004 he helped the Space Connection Crew organising the historical psy trance party in the Castle of Mesocco, in the year 2005 after some succesfull parties organised with friends from Carona, he founded with his friend Olmo the SKS Crew and made some of the best parties in the south of Switzerland, among others the Save the Freaks! party in 2006. In the year 2007 the SKS Crew changed into the Freak Time Production Collective who organised Save the Freaks! II edition with more then 1700 people coming, Cosmic Birthday and the upcoming Mystic Dance. Up till today Psysmael played in many parties all over Switzerland and was invited to play in Germany and Italy and is open to go anywere there are nice people who want to dance! Psysmael likes to explore the hard and energic side of the psychedelic music, playing cyberdelic full-on with hard bass lines, funny samples, acid lines, twisted fx who blows you away and a little of melody to keep the dancers with foots on the floor but send the head in the sky. Actually Ismaele Gonzato has finished the Audio Technician at CFMS, the Swiss Federal School and is working for the Swiss Radio of italian language, he is more oriented in his Dj project and also playing percussions with Live Acts or with other players, and of course is continuing organising and promoting parties.


El diabolik's World of Psychotronic Soundtracks. show

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El Diabolik’s World of Psychotronic Soundtracks is a film soundtrack and Library Music podcast, hosted and created by El Diabolik and Simon McLean (AKA Lord Thames). All tracks played come from our own collection, nearly all from original vinyl.

By el diabolik



The best in underground death metal, powerviolence, hip-hop and everything else that doesn't suck interspersed with oddball comedy and the musings of a drunken misanthrope named Hideous.

By Hideous

The All Acoustic Podcast Show show

The All Acoustic Podcast ShowJoin Now to Follow

An independant Music Show featuring Acoustic based original music from across the globe. The show is hostedby We Steal Flyers

By Jason Vare, Derek Allan

The 500 Stories of Mr. Neill show

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This podcast features Mr. Neill of oldmanneill.com fame telling his trademark anticlimactic stories. New episodes feature 5 rambling stories. Following each story is a scratchy 78 RPM record. Who is singing/playing on these records? A hot mix of obscure/dead people. The 41-year-old podcaster has mad generation-x street cred. After 10 years of teaching high school Math in Chicago, Mr. Neill has spent the last 6 years in Pittsburgh “working” as a stay-at-home dad. While his kids are at school, Mr. Neill tears apart and rebuilds his fancy house. In Pittsburgh fancy houses cost next to nothing.

By Mr. Neill

chillhop – beats podcast & radio show

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Essential downtempo chillout tunes for your audio delight. The essential chilled podcast. Chilled since 2006.

By chillhop – beats podcast & radio



Cykick – Artist Profile On an acoustic quest, Cykick weaves an endless stream of lyrics taken from everyday life that roam through space, transporting listeners into the unexpected. Lyrics, vibes and moods subvert traditional notions of the Japanese language, creating one of a kind music that transcends genres to break through to a new state of mind. Cykick’s soul-wrenching live performances of overwhelming presence totally disarm and compel audiences.

By Cykick

The Crump - Chicago's Relatively Underground Music Podcast show

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We only play stuff from independent and unsigned Chicago artists. Visit us at http://mycrump.blogspot.com or email us at crumpmusic@gmail.com if you would like to get more information about putting your music on the show.

By The Crump

Tongue Flap Podcast show

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Monthly podcast from Drum & Bass record label, Tounge Flap Records. Aim: TongueFlap Email: pete@tongueflaprecords.co.uk

Mozomedia Music Podcast - mp3 version show

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A monthly serving of music - indie rock, pop, ambient, experimental and various other genres - most of it new tracks by Mozomedia artists and musicians from other labels. Each episode also features a satirical newscast from Tom Merritt of the always-absurd SuBBrilliant News. It's all hosted by our DJ-in-orbit Harris, who takes a break from his research aboard a space satellite to share this Gravity Free Radio with you.

By Mozomedia Music