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Quick Picks show

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This podcast is just one where we pick 3 songs from Acidplanet and put them in a podcast If you want to get your song featured in my podcast just send me an email at

PODsville show

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PODsville is one nation, underground, with mind blowing grooves for one and all.

Moe Train's Tracks  (Music and Interview Show) show

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Punk Rock, Ska, Reggae, and Hip-Hop Podcast comin' at ya from Philadelphia, PA. Moe Train's (Philadelphia, PA) infectious, high-energy music has been extremely popular across the net on various sites with hundreds of listens per day. The Podcast will contain various tracks written by Moe Train, and some songs from his former punk/ska/reggae band, The New Victims, as well as tracks from some bad ass artists all across the world. ** Check out MOE TRAIN'S TRACKS #3 to hear the latest and without a doubt... GREATEST... Podcast yet! ** If you are an artist and would like to be a part of Moe Train's Tracks, e-mail Moe at Also, if you would like to cut your own promo, record a 15-20 second bit promoting your music, and end it by saying something about "Moe Train." ALL PROMO SUBMISSIONS WILL BE INCLUDED ON FUTURE PODCASTS. It's a great way to give yourself exposure to the online world! Enjoy the music, and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop Moe Train an E-mail! A step in a different direction from some Podcasts which are just a few minutes of music, Moe Train injects his stories behind songs, answers questions sent in by fans, and other assorted crazy things which are the trademark of "The Train." Feedback about Moe Train's Tracks have shown that listeners love how Moe Train has fun with the podcast, and keep the listeners laughing and smiling with his random funny stories, jokes and occasional freestyles... Moe Train is presently seeking label support for his punk/ska album currently being written, entitled, "One Love." All inquiries should be directed to, or on AIM at XxMoeTrainxX. Copyright: C2005 Of Life! Records

By Moe Train's Tracks™

Sillipoddi show

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Silliputti Podcasting Inc. For an immediate WMA stream of Silliputti's latest work.; hit this : or Hit 'Play Artist Radio' on this page: Enjoy! James :)

By Silliputti

deject pirate radio show

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Subverting the trend of bad music I'm podcasting all of the best songs (in my honest opinion) on the whole of Acidplanet. Breaking barriers, taking names, WE'RE NOT GONNA STOP! To find the songs featured in this podcast, click on the search link in the upper right of the browser. You can search by song title, or artist name.

Karnis Podcast show

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Sampling from the upcoming CD "Migraine Soup"

DreamBeat Records PodCast: Hosted By DJ Bricksta show

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The DreamBeat Podcast is a fantastic new music show showcasing talent from the dreambeat records label and various talent from music site The show goes anywhere from 20-35 min and on special events (10th episode, christmas, new year etc.) shows will go for much longer. Remember, dont be scared by the fact you have never heard of these artists before, because chances are your going to like our show. (Podcast is mainly electronica though we do play tracks in other genres)

The Lift - AcidPlanet's Best Hip-Hop show

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The best in underground Hip-Hop from AcidPlanet, hosted by Illogical. Check my public playlist on the left for links to all the songs and artists featured on The Lift. Send any comments, questions, or suggestions to Thanks for listening!


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a bunch of songs, most will not be on upcomming release