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minimal show by john smthg show

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minimal house and techno playlists, mixed by john smthg.

The Chillcast with Anji Bee show

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The Chillcast features a smooth, sophisticated mix of podsafe chillout music, hosted by "the sexiest voice in podcasting," Anji Bee, of chillout music band, Lovespirals. Kick back, relax and let Anji soothe you and groove you each Monday with her cosmopolitan blend of Electronica, Jazz, Soul, and World Music, much of which features female vocals. In addition to regular weekly shows, The Chillcast offers special artist interview features, collabocasts with other podcasters, extended DJ mixes, and many CD giveaway contests. Founded January 2006.

By The Machine

Larvarius - The Cloud Radioshow show

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Larvarius - The Cloud (Episode 02) in Sunset FM 27-05-2012

By Larvarius

Dj Boyko - Club House, Progressive, Tech House, Techno  show

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Weekly podcast from one of the famous Russian DJs from Moscow. Mix of the most delicious club dance tracks, which are compiled in one hour mix. Every week in his mix, Sergey Boyko picks "The Yummy Song of the Week." "No Sleep! With Dj Boyko" - Time NOT SLEEP!


Evilsequence Radio Podcast show

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This podcast is simply good dance music from Seattle WA. Rave, Club, Electro House, Dubstep, Hardcore, DnB.. we do it all.

By Evilsequence

DJ Coma Podcast show

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Every week your host DJ Coma brings you the best from house music from all around the world. Just a touch away. Subscribe. Get involved.

By DJ Coma

The House Sessions Podcast show

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When children play alone it is said that a keen eye should over see them…..especially when they are an only child….. around these parts, we end up idolizing these kind of children, those are the kind that end up making history.DJ Danny Gee grew up an only child until the age of 15 when his little sister was born, so he saw the world differently than most, in a unique fashion, opposite of those that are swarming with older siblings, toy’s and play dates to quiet them. Their vision of the world is so much more intense and their creativity seems limitless. These sort of children are the kind that we later find out carried a cassette recorder around with them consistently, taping late night sessions airing from Disc Jockey’s they aspired to be like one day. At the age of 12 DJ Danny Gee used to listen to 98.7 Kiss FM and they had DJs like Red Alert and on 107.5 Chuck Chillout. DG was mainly favoring hip hop at that time, but as he got a bit older his taste evolved to freestyle and house music as it was on the rise, those names were the likes of Scott Blackwell, Glenn Fricia Franco Iemello .Music became his surrogate, best friend, mentor. Stemming from all of this comes a rare and indelible DJ…which is DJ Danny Gee As his craft matures , the fruits of his music ripen, and as life may throw a few curve balls, seems as though, he’s caught them all, with children that amaze and inspire him with their achievements, and almost losing his wife to a mis diagnosed illness….his moxie for life is immeasurable.. the alacrity for it all is most inconceivable. The reverent being of DJ Danny Gee can’t help but pay tribute to the DJ’s of present as well as the past, names of familiarity such as DJ Klutch, Manny the Greek, Ted the Dillinger,Joe “Pump” Romagnano , Johnny Budz, Tony Tee,DJ Unique. As far as globally, Gone but not forgotten DJ AM, Roger Sanchez, DJ Scribble, Laidback Luke, these musical maven’s have all been inspirations and continue to do so. A DJ with soul is a DJ that never grows old…. stepping out of his fountain of youth of music…DJ Danny Gee keeps it fresh for his listeners as he is allowed to do this because of the adversity he has surrounded himself within the realms of his musical domain. He plays with a manic energy that is a major reflection on his dance floor, as many will be attest to this. Inspiration has come in so many forms throughout his life that he is quite like a chameleon…..only all of his colors aren’t literal, they are figurative and they are called “True”. DJ Danny Gee has a monthly mix show available both on either iTunes or my website djdannygee.podhoster.com its called the “House SessionsPodcast”, 18 tracks, and it’s free to download! He can be heard dropping beats on Thursday nights at Waterside in North Bergen NJ as well as guest spots at ,Chris Michael’s Lounge ,Woodbridge NJ, Texas, Arizona, Trace Lounge in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn as well as being a mobile DJ for weddings, parties, etc. His Musical avenues intersect…which means at one point your paths will cross with DJ Danny Gee, and when they do, you will not forget where you were or what you were doing when you were witness to his beats….

By DJ Danny Gee

DJ Mumbles - Let's Play House show

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DJ Mumbles, a Trance and House DJ out of Toronto, Canada brings you "Let's Play House", a series of various House mixes. Contact: info@djmumbles.com and website: http://www.djmumbles.com

By DJ Mumbles

DJ Mumbles - I Know You Got Soul (Soulful House) show

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DJ Mumbles from Toronto, ON, Canada bringing you the best of Soulful House through a mixtape volume titled "I Know You Got Soul".

By DJ Mumbles

The NeuroZombie's ShriekFreak RadioCast show

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Horror music for horrible people! Monster kids unite! The NeuroZombie's ShriekFreak Radio brings you the best horror music from horropunk, metal, industrial, gothic, psychobilly and more! If its horror, it's in there!