Cascade Hiker Podcast - Backpacking and Hiking show

Cascade Hiker Podcast - Backpacking and Hiking

Summary: Interviews make the show feel like a radio channel dedicated to hikes and backpacks. So, put on your boots, pack a tent and sleeping bag and listen in! Have a guest idea or question-

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 097 Kelly Kate Warren An Injury Ends Her PCT Hike | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:49

097 Kelly Kate Warren An Injury Ends Her PCT Hike

 096 Adam Sawyer Guidebook Author | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: 44:07

096 Adam Sawyer Guidebook Author

 Bonus Show 012 Just me Catching Up | File Type: audio/x-m4a | Duration: Unknown

Bonus Show 012 Just me Catching Up

 095 Heather "Anish" Anderson | File Type: Unknown | Duration: 45:37
 Bonus Show 011 REI talk on The Arizona Trail | File Type: Unknown | Duration: 13:52
 094 Disco Author, Podcaster and Documentariam | File Type: Unknown | Duration: 48:12
 093 Freedom Hikes with Laura Esquivel | File Type: Unknown | Duration: 21:55
 Bonus Show 010 Women Hiking Alone | File Type: Unknown | Duration: 25:35
 092 Allgood - Whitney LaRuffa | File Type: Unknown | Duration: 46:33
 091 Craig Romano Guidebook Author | File Type: Unknown | Duration: 59:32
 090 Hiking for Dad on the Pacific Northwest Trail | File Type: Unknown | Duration: 34:53

Analeise Dowd had a goal to thru hike the Pacific Northwest Trail this past summer. In her first leg of the trail, she injured her knee and was forced to slow down. This opened the opportunities for more pictures! With the injury, Analeise was hiking only about 15 miles a day, which is not a lot of mileage for a typical thru hiker.  In episode 60 Dowd's plans to blog from the trail and update her website were one of the things she was looking forward to. With a lack of service along the PNT she ended up not blogging a whole lot, though she has been going back and updating it in post. Thumbelina was a trail name she picked up this summer as a trail name. On top of her knee issues, she also had shoe issues and lost some toenails. We also discuss some of the trail conditions on certain sections. Follow Analeise: Her blog- Instagram- Don't forget to shop our Cascade Hiker Hats and Bumper Stickers! Join Me at Patreon to get exclusive content! Twitter @N_Cascadehiking Like our Facebook Page Cascade Hiker Podcast On Instagram Cascade Hiker Podcast Check out Whiskey Fever: The song used in the intro is 'Tall Grass' from their album Gonna Wake Up This Whole Town. Shop: REI: Amazon: My Trail Company (GoLite):

 Bonus Show 009 The Trail Show: Talking Hiking Podcasts with Disco | File Type: Unknown | Duration: Unknown

Two hiking podcasters talk about hiking podcasts! Disco from The Trail Show and I talk about: The Pox & Puss Podcast - An Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Experience Trailside Radio The First 40 Miles Podcast Sounds of the Trail Kids Cascade Hiker Podcast Routes Podcast The Dirtbag Diaries Hiker Trash Podcast The Inspired Adventurepreneur Podcast

 089 Lint Hikes - Ultralight Triple Triple Crown Thru Hiker | File Type: Unknown | Duration: 1:03:45

Clint "Lint" Bunting is a well known ultralight backpacker who is know as a thru hiker of Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail three times each to earn a triple triple crown from ALDHA West.

 088 Cameron Eldred - Canadian Family Outdoorsman | File Type: Unknown | Duration: 48:52

Cameron Eldred is pushed into trail running by the intensity of his daughters. He and his whole family enjoy the Pacific Northwest and being from Canada, they dip down into the states often. He describes their trips in the Enchantments, Lake O'Hara and Assiniboine; Three of this families bucket List hiking adventures.  Cameron leaves extremely early on his hikes to gain seclusion from other hikers. He doesn't like to see social media discussions with people talking about going into the Wilderness to get lost because he doesn't like the irresponsibility in the statement. His 13 year old Daughter Isabelle pushed him the most this year, training for a 25k run in Winthrop she did this past summer. Kate is 17 and is responsible for getting Cameron back into running a few years ago when she mentioned that she wanted to run a half marathon with him. Adaline is 19  and still loves to get outdoors with the family. They want to go back to the Lake O'Hara area and explore even more in the future. Mount Storm King has been on the families list, but the travel would be tough from Canada. Also, the Columbia Gorge has always enticed Cameron. Follow Cameron-

 Bonus Show 008 Social Media vs. Trail with Kelly Kate Warren | File Type: Unknown | Duration: 24:12

Kelly Kate Warren comes on to chat about social media bullies in hiking communities.  If someone asks about a sleeping bag, why do certain people jump all over them about it being a stupid question? We also talk about the PCTA's role in cleaning up the groups for their trail and some options for new hikers like the ALDHA West Ruck! Check out Kelly Kate on Instagram-


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