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Living with Tolle : The Teachings of Eckhart Tolle Applied to Everyday Life show

Living with Tolle : The Teachings of Eckhart Tolle Applied to Everyday LifeJoin Now to Follow

We explore "The Power of Now" and "A New Earth" and try to answer one practical question asked by many fans of Eckhart Tolle: How can you apply these teachings to daily life? In each podcast, hosts Greg Larsen and Leo Aristimuno guide you through relaxed conversations, interviews with special guests, practical spiritual practices, reflexive meditations, and simple recommendations for practicing presence and stillness in everyday life. For videos, articles, and information visit our web site please visit

By L. Aristimuno & G. Larsen

The Aaron Doughty Podcast show

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Hello, my name is Aaron Doughty and I help people expand their consciousness by making daily content intended to help people raise their vibration and shift to a new level of consciousness. I believe there is a consciousness shift happening on the planet, an awakening where more and more people are becoming aware of who they are at a greater level as well as how to create the life they always dreamed of. New episodes go live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Youtube audio will be posted daily as well. On this podcast I will share practical tools, techniques and perspectives that have the potential to shift your level of consciousness and listening to this podcast daily will accelerate that process in a very powerful way.

By Aaron Doughty

Leading the Next Generation with Tim Elmore show

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Founder and CEO of Growing Leaders, Dr. Tim Elmore shares practical advice on leading the next generation. With special guests such as John C. Maxwell, Dan Pink and Carol Dweck, listeners will get a fresh perspective and tips on how to best connect with today’s young adults. Episodes include conversations on leadership, education, athletics, parenting, and more as we aim to equip you to lead the next generation.

By Growing Leaders

Zenlarge Show show

Zenlarge ShowJoin Now to Follow

Talk on growing financial and economic concerns. Isues mentioned Peak Oil, Sustainability, Stock Market, Net Neutrality, Overpopulation, Water Scarcity, etc.

By Zenlarge

Spellbound show

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Two guys with too many big questions! From the origins of written language to quantum mechanics, we’re out to make sense of it all. Spellbound is a weekly podcast hosted by Julian Smith (Director/Comedian) & Andrew Rader (MIT PhD, Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All).

By Julian Smith & Andrew Rader

DebtFreeMuslims Podcast show

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DebtFreeMuslims is a Qalam Institute project and hosted by Omar Usman and Adam Taufique. The show explores everything related to personal finance for Muslims, including home mortgages, budgeting, materialism, credit cards, student loans, marriage, and much more.

By Debt Free Muslims

The Ochelli Effect show

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Revelation Through Conversation. The Ochelli Effect is listener supported independent Media with That rare honesty and unique perspective you are looking for. News, Alternative History, and culture with a bite.


The Conscious Hairdresser show

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Welcome to The Conscious Hairdresser Podcast, where we explore beauty beyond vanity. Join host Mona Lueng, a seasoned hairdresser with over 30 years of experience and 50,000 heads of hair, as she delves into the transformative power of hair. Discover how hair is more than just an external feature; it's a memory drive of our energy, influencing our mood and vibrational frequency. In this podcast, we explore the sacred ritual of hairdressing, sharing personal stories, struggles, and successes from individuals across all walks of life. Learn how hairdressers can connect deeply with clients, helping them align with their true selves. Hear from industry experts and innovators who are making a positive impact on the well-being of hairdressers and offering healthier alternatives. Whether you're a hairdresser looking to embrace your power and creativity or someone seeking to connect with your inner self from the outside in, this podcast is for you. Tune in for inspiring stories, expert insights, and Mona's own journey towards creating meaningful change in the beauty industry. Thank you for being with us on this transformative journey.

By Mona Leung

Token Skeptic Podcast show

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A weekly look at superstition, paranormal belief and the skepticism and science behind it all. The podcast covers a range of ideas and issues, stemming from psychology, philosophy and ethics, science, critical thinking, literacy and education.

By Kylie Sturgess

Die Sprechstunde  show

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Die Sprechstunde (mit LeFloid, Olli & Paul) erscheint zwei Mal pro Woche und ist euer Podcast zum Lachen, Diskutieren & Mitmachen! Den Themen sind keine Grenzen gesetzt und wir sprechen gemeinsam über Alles, was unser Herz bewegt, unsere Nackenhaare aufstellt, uns aufregt oder erfreut... Themen, die ihr mitbestimmen könnt! Wendet euch gern an uns! Am besten in unserem Reddit auf

By LeFloid, Paul, Olli