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The Dawdler's Philosophy show

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Most hustlers won’t wait to put off to tomorrow what they can do today. Not us! We can’t wait to put off to tomorrow what we can do today. We’re overripe fruit of the late bloom. Dawdlers. But all things must come to a partial end and this is partially it! ...a whimper into the abyss... We do a podcast we call The Dawdler's Philosophy. It's just two of us, Harland and Ryan (maybe not making it even if we try). We mostly talk about ideas and science and stuff. We also talk about things. Stuffing! We try to define the terms we use and, well, we try to be nice to each other. Expect content. We aren't interested in spectacle or forced passion and drama. But we're also as advertised.

By The Dawdler's Philosophy

Intelligent Rebel Squadcast show

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The Intelligent Rebel Squadcast features the ideas and views of the people on the current status of our society. The IRS (no pun intended) gives a platform to the people who don't believe in the status quo and want to create change in the system. We encourage independent critical thinking and forward progress. Ignorance and negativity is the enemy. We will win. Stay Intelligent. Stay Rebellious. Squad.

By Intelligent Rebels Podcast

Confession Session show

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Confession Session is no holds barred kitchen table talk where we discuss weekly highlights in pop culture, current events, and our own personal lives. Angel who is married with a child and Jhun a young professional gay male are giving new meaning to the Black American perspective. Live Episodes Every Thursday 7:30 ET

By Confession Session

LogicallyCritical show

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In a world where gut feelings are given more authority than facts, where the average person is permitted to drive 2 tons of steel death, and ‘God did it’ is an acceptable answer to why something happened, your life may just depend on listening to this podcast. The LogicallyCritical podcast is intended to encourage critical thinking in everyday situations without the hassle of checking facts at the library. Rather than quote historical research or bore you with statistics about how many dentists suggest what cigarette to their patients, this will use information that we can all reasonably agree on, and will show by example how to more-fully explore any given issue be it traffic, religion, or how to lure a weasel into a cardboard box. The podcast is no longer being actively produced (10/28/07), but the episodes are still available.

By LogicallyCritical

Inspiring Lives show

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The Inspiring Lives Podcast looks inside the minds of some of the world’s foremost thought leaders. We interview top health experts, nutritionists, entrepreneurs, athletes and professionals who are pushing their personal boundaries and living truly inspired lives. Learn how their struggles, successes and failures have helped to shaped their own views and discover key insights that can help you live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life today.

By Athletic Greens

Diversified Game show

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A podcast giving entrepreneurial advice from a diverse and inclusive perspective, with Kellen Coleman, Tyson Moultrie & A.L. Roberts.

By Kellen Coleman, Tyson Moultrie & A.L. Roberts

The Meaning of Everything show

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New insights into our biggest questions and problems. Each week spirited Oxford PhD candidate Stefani Ruper chats with an innovative expert in psychology, religion, philosophy, or science who will deepen your understanding of your self, culture, and world. Tune in and you may even be healed, inspired, and (occasionally) entertained in the process. Episodes every Monday and Thursday.

By Stefani Ruper

Simple Families | Parenting + Minimalism show

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Simple Families offers solutions for living well with children. In this show, we focus on minimalism with kids, positive parenting, family wellness and decreasing the mental load. As a Mama with a doctorate in Child Development, Denaye’s perspectives are grounded in research, but more importantly real life.

By Denaye Barahona

Did You Know Podcast show

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Do you want a window into the massive changes facing humanity & the fulcrum point in history we find ourselves living in? I focus on how Bitcoin, technology and cultural shifts are changing our world and how they will effect your future. Be ahead of the curve and know whats coming in my bi weekly podcast.

By Did You Know Podcast

Song Soldier Podcast show

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The inspirational podcast for songwriters who want to take their musical journey into their own hands. We feature conversations with guests from various disciplines to discuss artistic craft, music industry, and creative philosophy. Readings from inspirational literature, strategies of travel hacking principals, and announcements for upcoming songwriting retreats will be shared as well. With each episode, we aim to equip you to become the most authentic, liberated, and masterful songwriter you can be. Whether you are a beginning songwriter or a seasoned industry professional, there's something for you here. Life is short, music is powerful, and the world needs you to run to your own drum. Join the ranks of the Song Soldier.

By Ian McCartor: Singer/Songwriter, Podcast Host and Registered Nurse