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Discipuli in Via show

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Using understandable language and direct answers, The Discipuli in Via Podcast aims to use the basic teachings of the Catholic Church as a launching point for those looking for a better understanding of the Church and Christianity.  They stay away from the deep apologetics that can lead to divisiveness within the church, and pray to bring unity throughout God's creation.  Catholics, Protestants, non-Christian religious, and even agnostics and atheists will find the easy discussion and humor intriguing and listenable.  Join the discussion by tweeting @InViaPodcast

By Discipuli In Via

Encounter 2012 show

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Encounter is Campus Crusade for Christs MidSouth winter conference in Greensboro, NC. Its a fun filled four days over winter break where you will encounter the living God with over 1,000 other students and staff from across the MidSouth region. Deepen your walk with God through daily corporate worship music, inspiring messages by special guests, breakout sessions and a day of faith in the local community.

By MidSouth CRU

Pop Philosophy! show

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Your regular dose of philosophy from Open Court's Popular Culture and Philosophy series. Get philosophical about your favorite movies, t.v. shows, rock bands, and much more. Download chapters in MP3 format. Visit us at

By Open Court Podcasts

The Michael Baisden Show - Hump Day Wednesday Podcast show

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Hump Day Wednesday on The Michael Baisden Show!

By The Michael Baisden Show Podcast

Finding Bryan show

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Through Self-Help I will go looking for the young vibrant, healthy, positive person; who I lost somewhere along the way. I share the discoveries I make with my audience, so that they are able to improve in their own self-help quests that they are on.<br> <br> I am looking at improving my personal standing through self reflection and personal growth. Help my family to improve their sense of self-worth and inspire them to build their own wealth, success, and family. Using faith and productivity skills that I am learning I believe I can help other people and show them that no they are not the only who has lost themselves and you are actually normal.

By Bryan Goodwin

The Mind Set Podcast show

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A weekly attempt to opening eyes, and shed some light on what's really going on in the world. All done by ripping apart the media madness that masquerades as news. All with a health dose of paranoia.

By Gareth Davies, Reeves Cooke, Joe Dunn &amp; Ben Emlyn-Jones

Rádio Direitos Animais show

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Podcasts sobre Direitos Animais e Veganismo. A Rádio Direitos Animais tem como objetivo divulgar a Abordagem Abolicionista de Gary L. Francione. Todos os podcasts da Rádio Direitos Animais se baseiam na Educação Vegana não violenta e criativa e na abolição de todas as formas de discriminação de seres sencientes humanos e não humanos como o especismo, racismo, sexismo, etc.

By Rádio Direitos Animais


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In The Survival Show Podcast, Craig (Author of Extreme Wilderness Survival) and I, David (Founder of Ultimate Survival Tips) take you step-by-step through the tactics, gear, skills, and mindset you need to survive almost any crisis, emergency or disaster. We simplify survival and cut through the hype and misinformation to land you on a solid foundation you can trust. Learn to survive: wilderness mishaps, urban threats, natural disasters, terrorism, active shooters and much more. Just hit subscribe. You're gonna love this show.


What The World Needs More Of... Podcast show

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Focused on inspiring stories that bring to life the little (&amp; big) ways people bring more love, joy, laughter &amp; humanness to every day life... Our focus is to hunt for those little reminders that refuel the human soul &amp; reminds us what life is really all about

By Jairek Robbins

Logos show

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فلسفه به روایت حامد قدیری

By hamed0ghadiri